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contagious book summary

Therefore, if your product or idea is the thing on someone’s mind, it’ll become the thing they choose to talk about. In short, you’ll generate word of mouth. Download "Contagious Book Summary, by Jonah Berger" as PDF. In Contagious, Berger reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Even if you eat only Subway sandwiches every day, they will constitute a healthy diet because it has plenty of vegetables in it. The theory of social currency is based on the idea that everything you talk about affects how people see you and impacts your level of social influence. Media stunts may be worthy of some mention but will not benefit the idea if potential users cannot recall why it was carried out. Meanwhile, to add exclusivity to your product or service, create the perception that only a select few people can access it. However, we shouldn’t overestimate its power and effectiveness in spreading ideas. Simply dumping ice water on one’s head without uploading the video as proof would not have led to such massive awareness and involvement in this cause. In this type of conversation, people aren’t too bothered about talking about something cool or interesting. Humans have a natural preference for stories. It’s more powerful because it’s more persuasive since it comes from a trusted source, and it’s more powerful because it’s targeted at one specific person. Big Idea #5: Products and ideas are more likely to be shared if they arouse strong emotions. A trigger is a stimulus that reminds you of something else. Cutting out the fluff: you don't spend your time wondering what the author's point is. Some purchasing decisions are naturally publicly observable. Humans naturally imitate the behavior of others. However, Berger’s research has shown that not all triggers are created equal. Furthermore, one dollar seems like such a small amount compared to how much people spend in total at grocery stores. Or is there something else going on? Useful ideas spread better than those that have no practical value. Therefore, if you make your product or service a source of practical value, people will talk about it because they’ll want to share its value with others. In person still dominates. It must have the following five features: Learn how to create an effective trigger for your product or idea. It is the sequel to Sigler's Infected, and like its predecessor was released in both podcast and print versions.. Contagious Book Summary One of my favorite marketing books, it's a useful overview of why some things catch on, others don't, and how we might better engineer our messages. This complete summary of the ideas from Jonah Berger's book "Contagious: Why Things Catch On" reveals the six key principles that make a product or an idea contagious. From now on, whenever it’s sunny, people will be triggered to think about your product. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos . In Contagious, you’ll discover how to make your product or idea the subject of word of mouth. The first attribute of contagious ideas and products is that they give people social currency. Review the key ideas in the book Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh in a condensed Soundview Executive Book Summary. For a discount to be worthy of sharing, it needs to be truly amazing. When something catches on and spreads, there are predictable social forces at work. Triggers are crucial in making products contagious because they remind people of something else by association. This reasoning also explains why certain videos go viral. Ideas and products are not all the same. You can make a product or service seem remarkable by identifying and emphasizing the thing that makes it interesting. People who criticize others on social media want attention or followers from their righteous criticism. People respond to physiological arousal in various ways. Triggering people to think about your product helps to generate word of mouth because people tend to talk about whatever’s on their mind in a given moment. Written by Polly Barbour Beth Emhoff has a layover in Chicago on the way home from a business trip to Hong Kong. They may jump up and down on the spot, or pace back and forth. This discount can’t just be an “okay” saving that doesn’t really stand out. We tend not to disbelieve stories because they’re interesting and we get caught up in the narrative. For instance, say you‘re launching a new type of ice cream. The video went viral within six days, was viewed 100 million times in its first week, and became the most-watched viral video at that time (although it received criticism for not doing much on the ground). Summary of books to help you learn the most important lessons from many different books in no time. According to Jonah Berger, the five main high-arousal emotions are anger, anxiety, awe, amusement, and excitement. Information about the product or idea is subtly woven into a gripping narrative that grabs people’s attention. Contagious is filled with fascinating information drawn from Berger’s research. They’re cheap or on sale. The story used to spread awareness of a product must directly relate to the product itself. Want to get smarter, faster? People pass on interesting stories about products or ideas for two reasons. This will help to generate word of mouth because people tend to talk about whatever’s on their mind in a given moment. For example, consider viral YouTube clips. The consumers of mainstream media didn’t know much about him or even share those articles. The restaurant owner spent a lot of money to create a great atmosphere, but he also wanted to generate buzz for the restaurant when it opened. Sharing is an important aspect of life. In Philadelphia, where people are used to eating fast food, the $100 cheesesteak is something that everyone wants to try at least once. They told stories of his regime’s child soldiers and sex slaves, which were upsetting and sad. Excitement makes us more likely to share our emotions or experiences with others, no matter what the cause. People drive these vehicles around in public, so you see which cars are popular. If you approached someone and, totally out of context, started listing the specifications and functions of a product that you really liked, the other person would find you boring at best and strange at worst. Giving people social currency means ensuring that talking about your product or service makes people look good and therefore buys them social influence. It turns out that if a behavior is contagious, it’s more influential. It’s a well-known fact that advertising can help products become popular. Why do you think your discussion of it fell flat? People remember things better when they’re embedded in a story. However, many other purchasing decisions are usually private—for example, which makeup products people buy. Big Idea #1: Contagious ideas or products can propel a company to success – and they’re often the result of smart planning. The sixth principle is that it should be conveyed with a narrative. Is it just the product or idea itself that’s naturally shareable? Most commonly, they like to collect information that will help them to complete tasks more quickly and easily, or information that will help them to save money. There are many reasons to share, but at least one reason is very simple: People are more likely to share things that make their lives easier. That’s because the small target audience feels special and also happy that their niche is represented, which makes them more likely to share information about a product with other people. Berger’s research has also demonstrated that people tend to exaggerate the remarkability of what they’re talking about just to make themselves seem even more remarkable. The second attribute of contagious products and ideas is that their marketing strategy contains triggers. If you want your product to be shared more widely, it helps if you focus on a smaller group of people instead of trying to appeal to everyone. For example, a video of a child who just received anesthesia from the dentist was seen as funny by viewers. Suddenly, everyone wants to buy the latest new product, visit the trendy new gym in their area, or read the latest viral article. For example, Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” became an internet sensation when people associated it with their Friday experience. Perry Dawsey and Margaret Montoya attempt to stop an alien infestation of "hatchlings". In this book, Berger reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. The key to doing this is devising a feelings-based marketing strategy. People usually apply makeup in the privacy of their own homes, and which brand they’re wearing isn’t obvious when they’re out in public. Describe this product or idea. To access the sales, customers had to be invited by an existing user of the site. But an organization called Invisible Children created a video that juxtaposed uplifting images with the evils of Kony’s regime. If you went up to someone and started suddenly listing the nutritional facts and figures about these sandwiches, people would be confused and probably a bit bored. It's 6 characteristics they all share, and if you want to go viral, you better incorporate … Continue Reading about Contagious Book Summary & Review in PDF → Berger explains that “regardless of how plain or boring a product or idea may seem, there are ways to make it contagious…” if you know the right way to do it. Think of a product you’ve created (or one that you enjoy using). The capacity for frequent activation. Copyright © 2020 ShortForm™ | All Rights Reserved, This is a preview of the Shortform book summary of. Do so in an easy-to-share format like an email or a magazine so your customers can pass this information on to their loved ones.

Librarian Assistant Skills, The Brand Identity, Vegan Grocery Store Vancouver, What Is Human Dimension Of Management, Business Intelligence Issues With Enterprise Systems, Serial Killer Jack The Ripper Museum, Relaxing Essential Oil Blend Recipe, Fanless Power Supply, Usb-c Auf Lightning, Slayer Font Style,

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