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nas pensacola space a flight schedule

Victor Glover, 44, a Navy pilot from California, will be taking his first flight to space. Members traveling Space A should remember … Contact Information. We greatly enjoy the Take-A-Hop MilSpaceA app, and at $6.99 it’s worth every penny. Enjoy seats on a military passenger jet which are actually bigger than commercial aircraft seats. Flight Schedules For specific travel information, feel free to call, email, or just come visit us and we will answer any questions you may have. Thu 0800 - 1630. 13K likes. This terminal doesn’t do Facebook. * The 2019 Air Show is Nov 8th & 9th. WHAT I DO: I help you reach financial independence. Pensacola shares in space history as Dragon Endeavour splashed down offshore Jim Little Pensacola News Journal View Comments Four Draco thrusters … While being in Pensacola, the one shall consider visiting some places the city is famous for. LEGEND: PAX: Passenger Service, REC: Flight Schedule Recording, BILLET: Billeting/Lodging Among box lunches and the head tax, we spent a total of $81.86 on military airfare. Norfolk Passenger Terminal, Norfolk, Virginia. Enterprise: +1-817-377-8847 - they are willing to leave a reserved car at Base Ops (after-hours) or will collect you (office hours). Find the perfect timing for your trip from Pensacola to any destinations. Military retirees have the lowest priority (CAT VI) for Space A flights. These flights are not commercial, but rather military flights with a mission. We’ve never even heard about that before, let alone seen it on a schedule. All rights reserved. Surprising Secrets Of Slow Travel Fast Personal Growth Through Slow Travel Travel While You Can Lifestyles In Retirement: 90 Days In Spain Lifestyles In Retirement: Long-Term Travel The Frugal Effect Our Amsterdam photo album, with captions (Facebook, public access), Filed Under: Military and Veterans Benefits, Travel. Disclaimer: This is a privately owned website and is not affiliated with the U.S. government, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other government agency. Looking forward to trying your tips for flying Navy Space A! It’s an article about you – https://wealthyjoeinvesting.com/2019/10/08/guest-post-if-you-follow-the-program-you-can-have-anything/. Some will only keep you on the list for 45 days. Space A is a great benefit for servicemembers who are on terminal leave and still have CAT III status. Revisit old duty stations– only this time with liberty and money. TRE passengers traveling from CentrePort/DFW Airport Station to airline terminals board Remote South buses on the northwest end of the rail station platform. View Pensacola flight schedule, timetable, information & airfares on Wego.com. Tue 0800 - 1630. Please be aware that Space-A travelers must be prepared to cover commercial travel expenses if flight schedules are changed or become unavailable to allow Space-A travel. Long-Term Parking is available 70 yards from Terminal but be sure to advise PAX REP of car info for their log. However, you could try this during terminal leave (at least 30 days) or if you’re a milspouse using a command-sponsor letter to fly without your servicemember.]. You can read a quickstart guide to Space A from Poppin’ Smoke and other sites, and I’ve included the best resources at the end of this post. The page is … Location Phone Numbere Fax Flight Info Recording Altus AFB OK DSN 866-5288 Commercial: (580) 481-5288 DSN: 866-5333 Commerical: (580) 481-5333 Andersen AFB, Guam DSN: 315-366-5135 or5165/ Commercial: (671) 366 After a couple days in Ramstein we headed back to the U.S.: 4000 miles from Ramstein to BWI Passenger Terminal on the military’s chartered Boeing 777 Patriot Express. Await your Space-A call and follow instructions given to you by the passenger service agents. (I’m afraid we didn’t do much around Ramstein. You need to be at least two hours prior to the times on their page, especially in case the mission lands early and the crew is in a hurry to take off. Blue Angels on the flight line. Here are more details of the major Navy Space A passenger terminals. If Space A doesn’t work out then “total failure” is typically a longer stay at your location– or a last-minute commercial airline ticket. We cashed in some commercial airline miles, rode to San Diego’s commercial airport, and flew home on Hawaiian Airlines. That means there are certain restrictions to travel, including: 1. The Passenger Terminal will open early or remain open past normal operating hours to accommodate flight schedule requirements including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. After the reunion, we’d originally planned to catch a Space A flight to Rota (Spain) or Ramstein (Germany). This is a constantly updated site run by the people who manage the military's Space-A flight system (at least the Air Force's part of it). It’s similar to using a scrappy local airline rather than a monolithic bureaucratic MegaCorp. Norfolk Passenger Terminal, Norfolk, Virginia. We enjoy it so much that we struggle to remind ourselves when it makes more sense to fly commercial. Copyright © 2020 The Military Guide. Fly with fewer than 125 passengers, and frequently less than 50. Contact Balfour Beatty Communities (850) 456-3120 to check available housing for your rank and family size. Most terminals have a Facebook page where they post flight information, including their 72-hour flight schedule. Sun 1030 - 1730. BWI is one of the sites that does GE interviews upon returning to the U.S. from overseas. If you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. NAS Pensacola is the primary training base for all Navy, Marine and Coast Guard student aviators. One passenger terminal is notorious for listing its missions as go times– not the usual show times of 2-3 hours prior to the flight. Author: Doug Nordman Last Updated: January 11, 2020 4 Comments Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any other entity. I’m getting a lot of reader questions about how we used the Navy’s version of Space A on our last trip, so here are the details. Checking in Space-A passengers can check-in at Bldg. The Dallas Greyhound terminal is in downtown Dallas about six blocks from the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Union Station. Space-Available (Space-A) Military Flight Schedules for over 60 bases consolidated on one webpage! Again, you may be able to research their passenger terminals and policies on Facebook, but call them before you make plans to go there. Long before the naval aviators Shepherd and Glenn stepped foot into Pensacola to begin their training, it was another pair of pioneers who would help pave the way for future space travel. Or you could just monitor the upcoming flight schedule, pack your go bag, and head out for It’s almost impossible to put together the itinerary in this post unless you’re on terminal leave, or unless you’re a military spouse using a command-sponsor letter to fly without your servicemember.]. When we flew out of NAS Oceana and left the rental car’s keys with the Aviation Duty Officer, the VA Beach franchise agreed to pick up the car from the NAS Oceana long-term parking lot… but then they “forgot”. Also, you can have your favorites emailed to you daily! 2500 miles from St. John’s to Amsterdam! [Again, this post is written for military retirees. When we finished our customs inspection, we asked several staff and were finally directed to the GE office. Scheduled time of departure from March Arb is 10:00 PST and scheduled time of arrival in Pensacola Nas is 16:00 CST. A variety of aircraft fly out of NAS Jacksonville and NS Mayport, traveling primarily to East Coast locations with flights on occasion traveling overseas. Fifth, some passenger terminals list arrivals as well as departures. (You’re warned from the very start to be flexible about when you’ll fly and where you’ll land.) The Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron was formed in 1946 by the United States Navy. Get through security screenings in a few minutes with no crowds. Mon 0800 - 1630. That’s the way it should be, because we have time and flexibility. Some of them are “black holes” in remote locations with only a couple of missions per week. Space Available Flight, more commonly referred to as Space-A travel or military hops, is a privilege afforded to military service members, their families, and service retirees. These are two different airports. In addition they have a key drop box at Base Ops. NAS Pensacola is the primary training base for all Navy, Marine and Coast Guard student aviators. It took me three more phone calls (and three more weeks) for the VA Beach office to get around to picking up the car. After our weekend we carpooled with a friend to Norfolk. The unusual part is that we did most of our trip on Navy aircraft and only had one flight with the Air Force’s AMC system. Location Phone Numbere Fax Flight Info Recording; Altus AFB OK: DSN 866-5288 Commercial: (580) 481-5288: DSN: 866-5333 Commerical: (580) 481-5333: Andersen AFB, Guam: DSN: 315-366-5135 or5165/ Space-A is a privilege that may offer substantial savings for your leisure travel. Although most of the system is run by the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, the Navy has a few of its own Space A passenger terminals. We’ve never had a boarding pass here. Thousands of 5 th grade students from Virginia Beach City Public Schools and Chesapeake Public Schools take a field trip to the flight line to learn STEM concepts and see them immediately applied by witnessing the aerial performances. Share an affinity with military passengers who (. We stayed a week in Norfolk for a family reunion. Wed 0800 - 1630. First, while most AMC Space A passenger terminal schedules are on Facebook, only a few of the Navy Space A passenger terminals use social media. Space-Available (Space-A) Military Flight Schedules for over 60 bases consolidated on one webpage! Base Dining Facility: Retirees allowed to eat all meals. PENSACOLA, Fla. --- Naval Air Station Pensacola has been named a recipient of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Cultural Resources Management Award while Carrie Williams, NAS Pensacola Cultural Resources Department, received an award in the Cultural Resources Management Individual/Team category. On Friday and Saturday, the air show gates will open at 8:00 a.m. with the show beginning at 9:30 a.m. 19 talking about this. Despite our annual immunizations, I came down with an epic respiratory infection and my spouse picked up a nasty case of the flu.). 385 up until 11:00 p.m., M-F. This is the Official Page of Naval Air Station North Island Air Terminal. View on Amazon All Author royalties donated to military charities. But again, call the Navy passenger terminal and try to speak with a human before you make the rest of your plans. That cost the two of us $293.08 to Frankfurt, and another $81.57 for the local train to Landstuhl. (BWI’s Passenger Terminal is part of the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.) If Space A doesn’t work out then “total failure” is typically a longer stay at your location– or a last-minute commercial airline ticket. Follow the Space-A flight schedules of the passenger terminals you may use 3. Copyright Spacea.Net 2013. Please visit our Schedule page for information on the Air Show schedule. 16K likes. Guest Post Wednesday: "Thinking of Retiring Abroad? Plan to wear close-toed shoes on the flight (. We roamed around Amsterdam from late April through mid-May. Passenger terminal: 951-655-2397 Terminal regular hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a. m. and 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. M-F, although you may sign up for a flight by filling out the form in the foyer of Bldg. We eventually left Amsterdam’s Centraal Station in an express train, and then switched to a local line for a station near the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. By Doug Nordman: This book provides servicemembers, veterans, and their families with a critical roadmap for becoming financially independent. Space A travel is one of our favorite retiree benefits! A variety of aircraft fly out of NAS Jacksonville and NS Mayport, traveling primarily to East Coast locations with flights on occasion traveling overseas. Call 757-433-2903 for Oceana’s schedule. SpaceAFlights.Net Military Space-Available (Space-A) Flight Schedules Slideshow Gallery Favorites Email Me My Favorite Flight Schedule(s) Daily Terminal Info Contact Us Keesler AFB Website Keesler AFB Website. This site may be compensated through the advertiser Affiliate Program. My team strives to provide a wide variety of information for our travelers to use in while making their travel preparations for either a PCS/TDY or to just get away to that special location to relax and unwind. Closest alternatives at the the civilian airport. Naval Air Station Pensacola or NAS Pensacola (IATA: NPA, ICAO: KNPA, FAA LID: NPA) (formerly NAS/KNAS until changed circa 1970 to allow Nassau International Airport, now Lynden Pindling International Airport, to have IATA code NAS), "The Cradle of Naval Aviation", is a United States Navy base located next to Warrington, Florida, a community southwest of the Pensacola city limits. 88K likes. Space-A is also available through the NAS Norfolk (LP-1) Ops terminal" for Navy flights (smaller exec jets) located in building LP-1 (North side runway) Hrs: 0500-1700 Phone: (757) 444-0169 If flying into Norfolk Airport check with the military transportation desk by the rental cars desks as there may be a shuttle bus heading to one of the local Navy installations. The system accommodates these passengers by letting them fill seats on Air Force air transport flights that would otherwise be left empty. You might also figure out that another passenger terminal’s departing mission is arriving at your local base. We only paid for box lunches, a military passenger charter tax, and… one commercial flight on our last leg. The recommended time to arrive is one hour before when flying within the borders of the country and one and a half hours before the flights going outside the country. I have flown Space A three times (twice on AD, once as a Cat VI). Members traveling Space A should remember that they are responsible for paying return travel on commercial aircraft if no military flights … Southwest Airlines flies from Dallas Love Field. Thanks for sharing the post and digging up that link, Brian! We even had several meetups with friends who were passing through on their own slow travel. Now you’re ready to learn the Navy’s secrets. [Note: This post is written mainly for military retirees. It has more flights (, Use the Take-A-Hop app to e-mail your signup for the list about 50 days before you want to fly (. We fly Space A for the thrill of the hunt and the in-flight amenities. Thanks, Jerry, and let us know how your next Space A flight works out! If you’re in the Navy, then it feels like coming home. Oceana’s next flight was four stops, all in one very long 12-hour day: 1100 miles from NAS Oceana to NAS Key West. Many more details are in the “Related articles” section at the bottom of this post. When we rented the car at BWI, we told them that we’d return the car in Norfolk (and they noted that in their computer system). Signup Form RequiredFTWO_FlightScheduling@navy.mil, Please help keep this information current for your fellow travelers and send any updates or corrections to spacea@spacea.net. PENSACOLA, FL – Hurricane Zeta is a strong Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110mph. Two weeks after we returned to Oahu, the BWI office asked me when I was planning to return their car. Its remote location means that not many passengers will compete for flights out of here– but they fly to Japan, Hawaii, and the east coast. (. We're sharing what we've learned and paying it forward – but you have to make your own decisions. 24 Hour Flight Information Recording (Voice Recorder Flight Info: Commercial: (904) 542-3956/3825 DSN: 942-3956/3825. A general view of the Pensacola Naval Air Station main gate following a shooting on December 06, 2019 in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola International Airport advised the passengers coming to the airport to arrive in advance to check their luggage in and go through the security control on time. At Remote South, passengers connect to buses serving either Terminals A and C, Terminals B and E or Terminal D. Note: Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport is not Dallas Love Field. [1] The unit is the second oldest formal aerobatic team (under the same name) in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. formed in 1931. Space Force Coast Guard Veteran Jobs Veteran Job Search Upload Your Resume Military Skills Translator Vet Friendly Employers Career Discovery Transition … If you learn (from the other passenger terminals) that a mission is arriving at an airfield near you, then tell your local passenger terminal what you’ve learned and ask them to check into it. NAS Pensacola on-base housing is privatized. (“Not quite.”) Our GE cards (including TSA Pre-check) were mailed to us a couple weeks later. “I Would Have Started My Reserve Pension By Now!”. Let us know if something’s not working for you, and we’ll try to figure out a better way... Continue Reading... We’re military veterans, not financial advisors. (Thanks to Dan of KeepInvesting$impleStupid.com for dinner and a ride to the base!) The. PENSACOLA, FL – Hurricane Zeta is a strong Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110mph. Operating hours are from 5:00am-8:00pm Commercial Phone Number: 011-81-3117-55-7111/5661/5662 DSN Phone Number: 315-225-7111/5661/5662 (You might not even get a boarding pass for the flight.) Kaneohe Bay Flight Schedules; NAS Fort Worth Flight Schedules - no longer available in the old format - now posted on the NAS Ft Worth FB Page; NAS Norfolk Schedules - available to those on a .mil computer or email address. Space A Travel. I know I would’ve seen this question in the comments:  We’re financially independent. 13K likes. NASWI Air Terminal hours are 0600-1800 Monday thru Sunday, 7 days a week. From the CentrePort/DFW Airport Station, hop on the T's DFW Airport Shuttle curbside at the Bus Stop areas to the far left as you leave the train. It’s a three-hour shuttle/ferryboat ride from SeaTac airport, and the base is relatively small. How you can provide updates to this page! Be mindful that strollers, carriages and wagons cannot take up aisle space in the seating areas and have to be stowed under the bleachers. We didn’t know whether we’d make a flight to Norfolk or Charleston so we had our eye on a mission to North Island in San Diego. … and offer to sign off their loadmaster qualification card. All rights reserved. The base is home to the Navy's Blue Angels and hosts a large airshow every year. Typical Flight Routes - Fellow Space-A Traveler (Craig Hullinger) has put together some maps showing "typical" routes. They have 2-5 bedroom single family residences and townhomes in 8 distinct neighborhoods. Stay close to the counter personnel because when the loadmaster (. Use Code INT2020. How do I get to NAS Pensacola? Next, they may have their own rules for passenger lists. Book Now! Commander, Navy Region Southwest 937 North Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92132-0058 This site does NOT have the flight schedules for the system. Sat 1030 - 1730. We’ve flown Space A for over 30 years, and that last paragraph has become our “normal” slow travel. This page is maintained by the Eglin Passenger Terminal. We had filled out the GE applications (and paid the fees) from Honolulu over six months earlier– and we were never contacted for a Honolulu interview. Last Updated: 10/10/2018, Related articles: The Air Force AMC Space Available Travel Page (“the references”) Space A Frequently Asked Questions DoD Instruction 4515.13 “Air Transportation Eligibility” (the source reference) Poppin’ Smoke quickstart Poppin’ Smoke Facebook group Poppin’ Smoke gear for a Space A flight The Take-A-Hop MilSpaceA app Poppin’ Smoke advice for the Hickam AMC passenger terminal (I helped edit the details) Facebook pages for: Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam AMC Passenger Terminal NAS North Island Air Terminal NAS Whidbey Island Air Terminal (NAS Oceana Passenger Terminal doesn’t have a FB page.) Buses depart the station approximately every 15 minutes. Pensacola International Airport is a public use airport located in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, United States. Passenger Terminal Representative: (817) 782-6288; Passenger Terminal Flight Recording: (817) 782-6289; Passenger Terminal FAX: (817) 782-6176 You might be the only Space A passengers to show up, and your fellow passengers might all be locals. For free. Another may require you to mark yourself present (in person) a day or two before the flight. Contribution Limits of the Thrift Savings Plan + 401(k) + IRA = ?!? Only purchase the one zone pass because you will only be in Fort Worth (from NAS Fort Worth to DFW Airport). The Blue Angels will fly on Friday and The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement Price: By Doug Nordman: This book provides servicemembers, veterans, and their families with a critical roadmap for becoming financially independent. This is a constantly updated site run by the people who manage the military's Space-A flight system (at least Signup is only for 45 Days and must be more than 24 hours BEFORE a flight to allow for TSA screening.

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