4 Manly Options For Men Who Need To Carry a Bag

Ladies leather handbags

Thanks in large part to Jerry Seinfeld’s leather satchel and the classic man purse episode of Seinfeld, many men are reluctant to carry a bag of any kind. Choosing the right bag can be a stressful experience.
What if people think I’m carrying a man purse?
Fortunately, if you’re scared of carrying a man purse, there are a number of manly bag options for men. You don’t have to live in fear. Instead, consider one of these four options for men’s bags:
1. Leather Messenger Bags for Men
Cycling has made a major comeback in recent decades, and hipster cyclists have led to a boom in popularity in so-called messenger bags. While most actualy bicycle messengers use cloth or canvas bags, leather messenger bags have become incredibly popular in recent years. In Jerry Seinfeld’s day a man would have gotten the side-eye for wearing a messenger bag, but today it’s perfectly normal. In fact, mens leather messenger bags are actually on trend right now. They’re a practical, handsome option for men of all ages.
2. Rebel Against the Gender Binary
If you’re really worried about being seen with a man purse, the best thing you can do is ditch the gender binary altogether. Who cares what people think, anyway? Isn’t gender just a social construct created by a patriarchal society that never had ordinary men or women’s best interests at heart anyway? Give a giant middle finger to the gender binary, patriarchy, and the capitalist institutions they serve. You’ll be happier for it.
3. Weekender Bag
While this isn’t a particularly practical option if you need to go to the office, every guy needs a practical weekender bag in his closet. These simple bags can be either backpack-style or duffel-bag style, but they’re perfect for weekend getaways when you need to travel light.
4. Go Old School, Buy a Briefcase
Finally, you can look to the old school by buying vintage style leather briefcases for men. While briefcases may not be as common as they were in the Mad Men era, they just so happen to be the perfect size to carry a laptop. Make a fashion statement and carry your stuff at the same time.
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