Ankle Jeans And Their Rise To Popularity

Glitzy jeans

Back in the 17th century, an Italian painting by an unknown artist depicted blue jeans for the first time. A century later, in 1879, the world’s oldest recorded pair of jeans were identified as Levi’s, six years after Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis earned a patent to create a pair of riveted jeans. While most people today do not celebrate the May 20, 1873, birthday of jeans, which used to be referred to as waist overalls, they do own at least several pairs and wear them quite frequently. From embroidered jeans and rhinestone jeans to studded jeans and ankle jeans, all types of womens designer jeans litter peoples’ closets today.

Shopping for jeans is among people’s most fun experiences, since they get to purchase new pairs of ankle jeans or other types of jeans to match each season. Jeans are normally worn during every season, and they can be paired with dressy tops or casual tops throughout the year. For this reason, women absolutely love certain types of jeans, like ankle jeans, which have a fashionable style to them but that can be worn just as easily to a PTA meeting and to a night out on the town.

Jeans today are much more fashionable than in recent decades, and they are very well made too. It takes one bale of cotton to produce 200 pairs of jeans, leading to simple mass production techniques. This is largely what makes jeans to readily affordable for most people.

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