Buying a New Jet Ski

Looking to buy your own jet ski for your next summer vacation? If you’ve never bought one before, the YouTube channel, ‘The Lanes – Travel and Reviews’, gives some tips on some hidden costs to be aware of when buying one.

Most jet skis won’t come with their own trailers to tow them towards the water. Some dealerships might offer a towing service, but it can cost up to $2000! Some other hidden costs include registration and purchasing a boat license. You can’t just get a jet ski license without also purchasing a boat.

Obtaining a life jacket is another important step before using watersports equipment.

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Spend around $100 on a good quality one that will stand up to wear and tear. This is especially important when salt water is involved.

Also, be aware of the cost of getting insurance to cover a stolen jet ski, training courses, and any costs associated with getting a required number plate. Each letter can cost up to $3. So, before you head to that Polaris dealer in Michigan, keep in mind all the costs that you won’t see right away. Be aware of all the hidden costs of owning a jet ski.

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