Eight Easy Ways To Keep Your Wedding Flowers in Budget and Aesthetically Appealing

Flowers are a wonderfully fresh, lively, and colorful addition to any holiday, event, or gift. In the United States alone, 7 billion dollars of revenue is generated annually by the U.S. Florist Industry. Weddings can be places where wedding bouquets, corsages, and wedding centerpieces take center stage. Unfortunately however, finding flowers that will fit the perfect aesthetic without going over budget can be nearly impossible. Fret no longer, because here are eight easy ways to have your perfect wedding flowers on a budget.

1. Twice is Nice

A great way to save money if you’re concerned about cost, is to place a bouquet of your favorite flowers in glass vases at the end of each isle or pew. They will create a beautiful ambiance as you walk down the aisle during the ceremony, and once the ceremony is over, simply have friends bring the vases to the reception to be used as centerpieces. No one will notice (or mind) these repeat offenders, and you’ll get to dance the night away knowing you got twice as much use out of the flowers you love.

2. Check Online

A great way to shop around for wedding flowers on a budget is by looking for florists online. Many florists offer specific promotions and it is a great way to find local florists willing to go the extra mile to please their customer.

3. Fillers are Best

Fillers are a great way to make any bouquet or centerpiece look expensive while being wedding flowers on a budget. Additionally, some fillers can be just as lovely as their expensive floral counterparts. Sprigs of lavender can add a pleasing aroma, and cotton stems can add just the right amount of rustic touch to any formal affair.

4. Choosing a Corsage

Corsages can be tricky, because even though they may seem like a simple flower, they can quickly ruin your plan for wedding flowers on a budget. Instead, opt for lilies, hydrangeas, or even roses. All can be beautiful and purchased at a savings.
5. Carnations, Carnations, Carnations

Carnations are one of the most understated wedding flowers on a budget, because they come in an array of wonderful colors and can be used in any aspect of the wedding. String white carnations into an elegant backdrop, Pin a colorful carnation to your little ring bearers or flower girls, even use carnations as centerpieces your guests will love.

6.Thrift This

A simple way to stay in budget when looking for centerpieces is to check your local thrift store. Many have wonderful (and inexpensive) glassware pieces perfect for recreating the extremely popular eclectic match/ mismatch look. This way, even if your plan for wedding flowers on a budget goes a little awry, you can stay stylish without sacrificing price.

7. Wild Flowers, Refined Look

Incorporating wildflowers can really help to tame your prices, and the best part- there’s no need to sacrifice cost for color! Looking for a more coastal aesthetic? Ask for wildflowers with a more subdued color story, perhaps periwinkle and cream, or white and canary yellow. Want to keep your wedding feeling like a woodland dream? Ask for forest green wildflowers with accents of baby’s breath. Wildflowers are an excellent way to have wedding flowers on a budget that will look like they cost a fortune.

8. Think Here and Now

When looking for wedding flowers on a budget think seasonal and local. Try to choose annuals over perennials and look for hardier varieties. Local plants will be more affordable than exotic plants and will survive the ceremony and reception.

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