How To Keep Construction Workers Safe On The Job

Working as a construction worker can sometimes be dangerous, especially when construction workers are required to do road work. Implementations in clothing such as reflective button down work shirts as well as other items of clothing geared toward safety can help to reduce the risk that construction workers face on the job, avoiding work related injuries as well as even potential death.

There are a number of hazards typical for a construction worker to face while on the job and it is common for the average construction worker between the ages of sixteen and nineteen to miss at least four days of work every year due to injury related causes. Many of these injuries happened to mostly inexperienced customers, particularly those who had less than one year of experience under their belts. Construction workers over the age of sixty five were found to have the least incidences of injuries, fatal or otherwise, of any age group working a construction site. Statistics have shown that in their first three months on the job, a new construction workers is more than two times as likely to sustain an injury serious enough to cause them to miss work.

Safety workwear can prevent a considerable number of these injuries. Take for instance safety boots. As a construction worker walks as many as thirty thousand steps in a single day (compared to the average of ten thousand steps that a member of the general population will take), it is important that they have supportive and structured footwear to begin with, providing the necessary stability needed for many a construction job. However, a construction site can be a dangerous place and footwear that protects the feet as well as supports them is crucial This is in agreement across the construction industry, as around seventy dollars is spent on footwear per construction worker every year.

Protective clothing such as reflective button down works shirts is also important, especially when construction workers are working on a road. Reflective button down work shirts and other types of clothing, such as high vis pants and a high visibility work vest can help to create more visibility for construction workers, making it easier for drivers to see them and therefore avoid them. The implementation of reflective button down work shirts and high visibility workwear can help to prevent the serious injuries and deaths of construction workers conducting work on roads.

It is important to protect the hearing of construction workers as well, as construction sites are often loud places to be. Aside from safety clothing like reflective button down work shirts, ear plugs can also be utilized to protect construction workers from injury. It has been found that sounds louder than eighty five decibels can cause hearing loss permanently but well fitting, custom made ear plugs can reduce the number of decibels a construction worker is exposed to by as many as thirty.

It’s important to protect construction workers from injury as well as death, as nearly five thousand construction workers were killed in 2015 alone. With an average of thirteen deaths a day, construction work can often be a high risk job. Fortunately, implementing reflective button down shirts and other reflective articles of clothing can help to prevent these deaths as well as serious injuries.

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