How to Make Custom Birthday Shirts

If you are throwing a party for someone, you have a lot to plan. You need to get the guest list in order, purchase and put up decorations, bake or buy a cake, and send out invitations. You want it to be a special day and the best it can be. Well, don’t forget to treat the birthday person as a special someone and get them a custom birthday tee. You can go the DIY route and make the shirt yourself.

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How do you do this? In this video, you will learn all about custom t-shirt ideas so that you can get started on a shirt-making method that will work best for you. And remember, you can also have a professional service do it for you.

The video will show you how to use Cricut iron-ons. First, you decide what design or graphic you want to go on the shirt, then you make it on the computer or find a pre-made design that suits your needs. When you’re ready, you print it onto a vinyl sheet and cut it out. All that’s left to do is iron it onto your clothing. It’s a simple process that lets you have complete control.


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