How to Make Your Boots Last

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So many people wear boots to work but too many people don’t have comfortable boots. Their boots give them problems and back issues and tire them out. You shouldn’t have to deal with physical pain, injury and blisters because of the type of work boots that you wear. Choosing the right boots will not only increase your comfort and support but they will keep you generally happy throughout your day while on the job. This is because, when your feet are happy, you are happy. Here are some great tips on how to buy the best kind of boots for you.

The Right Fit
In order to have comfortable boots, they have to fit right. Take your time when deciding which tactical boots you are going to buy. Here’s how to make sure that your new boots fit:

  • Wear the type of socks that you will be wearing while on the job. Cushioning the bottom of your foot inside the shoe will increase your level of comfort.
  • Slide your feet all the way to the front of the boot and the bend your knee forward. You should have a gap no bigger or smaller than the size of one finger between the back of your foot and the shoe.
  • The laces should be snug and keep your foot in place.
  • Comfortable work boots will not bend at the arch but will flex at the ball of your foot.
  • Keep in mind that feet swell at the end of the day so try your boots on when your feet are at their biggest.
  • The Best Quality
    In order to make sure that your comfortable boots last the long run, you need to invest a little money in them. Cheap boots are usually poor quality and wear out very quickly. Especially if you are wearing them every day to work. Check the insides of the boots you are considering. They should have leather or another high quality lining that will last for years. Torn lining can make boots incredibly painful. Also, cheap brands will not hold your foot securely in the boot. Research which brands work best for what you need before you even go out to the store. Then, you’ll be a little more knowledgeable and know what you are looking for.

    The Appropriate Needs
    Comfortable boots come in many different forms. The comfort level for you depends on what you are going to need then more. Taller heights are better for linesmen and offer good protection in rough terrain but shorter boots weigh less and are better for general usage. Heavy weight boots making hiking difficult but work for fishing. Waterproof material can be expensive so if there’s no chance you’re going to be in water, you can forego this cost. Steel toed boots are necessary in a construction zone but they can make your feet cold in the winter. Insulation and style are also important depending on your job.

    The Responsible Rotation
    If you want your boots to last as long as possible then you should buy two pairs and rotate them. By doing this, you’ll give each pair time to rest and dry out properly which will make them last a lot longer. You will essentially be getting two pairs to last as long as three pairs would if you just bought one pair and worn them until they were all torn up and worn out. So, basically, it’s pretty much a buy two, get one free deal.

    The Regular Maintenance
    If you want your boots to last longer and be even more comfortable then they need to be well taken care of. Even if you buy two pairs, you should still make sure you are doing this to both pairs after wearing them.

    1. Dry your boots properly. This means allowing them to air dry without excessive heat. If your hand can not stand the heat that you are using, then it’s too hot; your boots can’t handle it either. If your boots get really soaked for some reason, then fill them up with newspaper. That will help to draw out all of the moisture that’s inside.

    2. Keep your boots clean by getting rid of mud so that the leather doesn’t dry out. Salt can be cleaned with vinegar and water.

    3. Condition leather boots with oil based treatments.

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