Labels, Decals, and Everything In Between

Printed mesh banners

We currently live in a world that is run by technology. Think about how often technology is used in your daily life to accomplish your daily goals and tasks. Even though these things are true, there are still some old practices that are rooted in the past and do not deal specifically with technology.

The utilization of political yard signs quadrupled between the years of 1984 and 2012. So there is no question that these screen banners, security decals, and window screen printing are just a few different ways in which people use old techniques to help get messages across. Here are all of the facts on labels and decals.

A study was conducted recently that specifically dealt with the average person and how they experienced politics around them. This study revealed that just about 40% of all people involved in the survey stated that they learned about a local political candidate for the first time from a sign. Furthermore, two out of every five people voted based on name recognition for a candidate.

Using labels and decals is one simple way of getting a message out to people. While it may seem old school, it is actually rather cheap and it is a good way for them to get out their message without spending too much money. Screen printing banners are a great way to get customers to make a purchase.

A Mass Merchant Study was conducted recently that revealed that nearly 16% of all impulse purchases happened because the customer noticed a display stand. This is important because anywhere between six and ten purchases that happen inside of a store can be classified as impulse purchases. An impulse purchase is a decision that is made without any planning and as previously mentioned comes from seeing labels and decals throughout a store.

Almost 82% of all shopping decisions are made by consumers while they are inside of a store. So it just takes one simple glance at a few labels and decals for a customer to decide to make a purchase. This is an easy way for small business owners to promote new products or to promote new deals that offer the customer a great purchasing option.

A study was conducted at Brigham Young University amongst researchers in relation to products and signage. These researchers wanted to find out what kind of effect labels and decals have on products. This study revealed that merchandise that had signage managed to outsell products and merchandise without signage by nearly 20%.

In Conclusion

Throughout the course of an average day, American citizens will be exposed to 3,000 advertisements. Most people have no idea that they are receiving so many messages but it is definitely true. This is why the utilization of labels and decals is a great way for small business owners to help get ahead of their rivals that are usually large scale corporations.

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