Top 3 Reasons Sea Glass Makes Great Jewelry

Types of sea glass charms

Sea glass is glass, often from discarded bottles and containers, that has been smoothed and worn by the sea. Sea glass is making big waves as a fashion accessory. It can be used in sea glass anklets and other sea glass jewelry. Everything from sea glass wedding jewelry to sea glass charms. Sea glass anklets are especially beautiful with the many colors available. Here are facts about rare sea glass colors.

1. Soft green is pretty. Found once in every 50-100 pieces, soft green sea glass is pretty rare. It comes from bottles that were once used for ink, fruit, and baking soda. Imagine an old bottle used for ink that had been tossed out generations ago. Now this can be worn as sea glass earrings and can perfectly match your favorite green shirt.

2. Green isn’t the only one available. Other rare colors are purple, citron, opaque white, cobalt blue, cornflower blue, and aqua. These colors of sea glass could come from bottles that held milk, Milk of Magnesia, poison, and Vicks VapoRub. They could also be from Ball Mason jars and glass bottles from the 19th century. These colors are so rare they are only found once in every 200 to 1,000 pieces. It would take patience to find all the sea glass in these various colors. But you can own a sea glass necklace with all of them.

3. Something to be said for orange. Of all the colors of sea glass, orange is the most rare. It is found once in about every 10,000 pieces. But that makes sense. How often do you see orange bottles? Not very often. This lovely orange color will look great as a centerpiece in a sea glass ring or as an addition to a sea glass anklets.

You can own a piece of history and do your best to help the planet all at the same time. Sea glass has been waiting for your attention after many years in the ocean. People once threw the glass away, leaving it to tumble, break, and float in the ocean. Then, it was washed up on shore and can be collected for your next piece of jewelry. Just imagine the journey those pieces of glass went through as they became sea glass anklets and sea glass necklaces. With a whole rainbow to choose from, sea glass jewelry can be designed for any wardrobe or event. Skip the diamonds and get your sea glass jewelry at a vendor near you.

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