What to Know About Buying Steak

When you’re in a grocery store, you see many options to choose from. Perhaps the most challenging section to navigate is the meat section. This is especially true if you don’t know how to choose the meat with the best quality. If you’re cooking a steak, then you need to consider a few things when choosing the meat.

Here are some useful tips when buying a steak.

1. Grade

If you’re familiar with USDA, then you know it’s the choice and prime is the commodity. Beef is graded on maturity and marbling, showing tenderness, flavor, and juiciness.

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2. Aging

Beef must age for at least four weeks to become tender and have a well-developed flavor.

3. Cuts

Regardless of the steak you’re buying, you should also consider the cuts. You need to know which cuts to avoid and choose. Choose the steak with an inch and a half thickness.

4. Fat

It’s also best to look out for the steak’s fat. Many find a quality steak, especially with gristle, because the fat is bright red. They look appealing, but if you eat them, it requires significantly more chewing. Marbling is what gives you the best-flavored steak.


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