5 Misconceptions About Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy has been used for many years by ancient cultures but has only gained popularity in America over the last few decades. Through the use of organic bath salts, natural soap bars, fragrances, oils and soy jar candles, many people have been able to find physical and spiritual peace and relaxation. Most people use aromatherapy to get rid of stress and toxin build up that can cause stress but there are a lot more uses for it as well. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about aromatherapy. Let’s look at a few.

  1. All essential oils are the same
    While there is a lot of debate over the therapeutic grade when it comes to essential oils and the quality of them, it is widely accepted that each essential oil has a different function and result. Some oils contain petals, leaves or bark which make them more expensive than others. Lavender and rosemary are less expensive then roses, for example. This is because it takes around 65 roses in order to create just one drop of pure rose essential oil. Lavender and rosemary plants are much more susceptible and so it takes a lot less to make those kinds of oils. If you see a bargain price for rose oils then it probably is not a genuine essential oil. All oils can last for several years but some will degrade quicker than others.
  2. One scent is better than another
    The reason that this is a myth is because it really depends on the person receiving the aromatherapy. When you were trying to address the specific complaint there are some oils that are better suited to the problem than others. Lavender is one of the most popular types of a sensual oils because it is known for relaxing and calming and relieving stress. However, not everybody loves the strong scent of lavender but that is what is so great about aromatherapy is that there is something for everyone and if you’re not a fan of lavender then there is surely going to be another type of oil that can give you a similar experience.
  3. Aromatherapy is for women
    Aromatherapy is a great treatment that can benefit both men and women and even children all in the same way. It is true that there are certain scents that are more appealing to women but it doesn’t mean there aren’t others that men can enjoy more. Common oils that are used by men are things like Sandalwood, black pepper and Juniper. However, it is a personal preference as mentioned earlier and there is no judgment involved when it comes to the oils and which one you prefer.
  4. If it’s natural, it’s safe
    This is not always the case. Essential oils are very powerful and if used incorrectly can actually cause harm. While it is a natural treatment there is such a thing as using too much. Now, because aromatherapy is an organic treatment this means that it needs time in order to take effect on your body. If you were trying to get rid of a headache then you need to use the oil and then allow it time to work. Using more than the recommended amount is not going to make it work any faster and can actually cause nausea and dizziness.
  5. Aromatherapy cannot be used by children, pregnant women or seniors
    Everyone can benefit from essential oils as long as they are used properly and effectively. If it makes you feel more comfortable you can consult with a qualified aromatherapist before engaging with essential oils if you are one of the people mentioned above. Having said that, there are some essential oils are not suitable for children younger than six just because of how strong they are. However there are some other oils that are great remedies to rashes, colic, teething and ear aches even in babies. Do keep in mind that children will only need a weaker dilution than adults.

While aromatherapy is not a magic cure for every ailment it can definitely bring relief to most problems. If you find yourself having adverse reactions then stop you use and speak with a qualified aromatherapist to find out if you were using them incorrectly. Other than that, enjoy the benefits from the oils and use them responsibly to get the best results.

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