Feeling better with Botox and Laser Rejuvenation

Spider vein laser treatment

The beauty industry is constantly growing, and newer and better products are released seemingly every week. With all the products on the market, it is hard to find one that has been tested for reliability while having successful results. Botox and laser rejuvenation are procedures that are proven effective, and will not only make you look better, but feel better too.

Many doctors use botox treatments, along with other injectable drugs and lasers, to stay ahead in the developing beauty industry. Laser rejuvenation consists of a wide umbrella of treatments meant to reduce wrinkes and skin irregularities. Some popular treatments include:

    Fraxel- a brand of fractional lasers used to improve overall skin tone and texture. Uses include the fading of age spots, shrinking of pore sizes, while also smoothing out bumps and raised scars.

    Juvederm- an injectable hyaluronic acid filler used to smooth skin, plump up lips, reduce acne scaring, enhance cheek volume and reduce wrinkles on the hands.

    Thermage laser- an unique radiofrequency treatment that can help the appearance of aging, sagging, and loose skin. Thermage for eyes will help to make you look rested, and it will remodel the collagen on your face for an overall healthy look.

    Ultrashape Body Contouring – a non invasive body shaping device which uses pulsed, focus ultrasound to mechanically destroy fat cells at a designated focal point.

In 2013, consumers spent upwards of 2.5 billion dollars just on injectables, a figure that is steadily rising. Between 2012 and 2013, doctors administered two million soft tissue fillers within the United States alone, and additionally within those years Botox procedures in the United States rose eight percent.

Botox, made from the bacterial toxin botulin, was approved for cosmetic procedures by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2002.A Botox procedure is relatively simple and normally is around 30 minutes, and lasts for up to four months. An average patient is aged between 40-59, and 82% of patients notice an improvement within just a week of their treatment. Botox is not just for cosmetic purposes either, you are proven to feel better mentally as Botox patients have an average of 50% reduction in depression symptoms by six weeks.

Some popular uses of Botox are:

    Deep wrinkle treatment on the face
    Under eye Wrinkle treatment
    Thread vein treatment
    Varicose vein treatment
    Migraine headache symptoms

No matter what option you choose, it is best to be fully educated and to choose a doctor with experience and knowledge on the product. With the help of these treatments, you will feel better and look better in days!

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