5 Tips and Tricks for a More Fun Experience with Kids Temporary Tattoos

Custom metallic temporary tattoos

There was a time when most of the people who had tattoos were criminals and sailors. That is no longer the case. More and more people in mainstream America are getting tattoos. It has been estimated that as many as 30% of all people across the country have a tattoo. As a result, many kids are looking at tattoos as being fun ways to express themselves. To bring some fun to kids’ parties parents and others are having booths set up for kids temporary tattoos. There are some ways to make this more fun for everyone.

  1. Think up a really fun theme for the party. If you are planning a really fun kids’ party with a theme, you can get a number of types of temporary tattoos for kids that will match up with the theme that you have selected. You can find custom temporary tattoos for sports themes, beach themes, themes based on movies, super heroes or other fantasy like themes. You can also have the decorations match the kids temporary tattoos. There are a lot of types of temporary tattoos. You can even find different types of metallic temporary tattoos that are a lot of fun. You can let your creativity run a little wild with the kid’.
  2. Cut out the individual images. When you buy kids temporary tattoos, you will see that they often come on sheets. Before the party starts, if you take some time to cut out the individual images out before your guests arrive. This will make it a lot easier for the kids to pick out what they want and have the images they want put on.
  3. Let the kids pick the tattoos they want. You should have a variety of kids temporary tattoos for the kids to look at and select. You should have some that match the theme of your party but them have a collection of other options that may reflect what the kids like to do and watch. There are temporary tattoos that are just letters so you can have them spell out their name (or some other name or word that they like). Also, let them pick the place where the tattoo will go. All of this makes the experience a lot more fun for everyone, especially the kids.
  4. Set up a space for the kids tattoos to be applied. If you have a part where there will be kids temporary tattoos, it is a good idea to set up an area where the kids can go to look at the different options for the temporary tattoos and then have them applied. This can be fun and is a lot like face painting stations in the fun level. The good news is that if you compare a face painting party to a temporary tattoo party, the latter is a lot less messy. You get all of the fun with a lot less of the mess. That is a real win-win for a lot of people.
  5. Let your guests take some temporary tattoos home with them. You will have some kids temporary tattoos left over from your party. The best thing you can do with those is to let the kids take them home with them. They can then share the fun with their siblings or kids who were not able to make it to your party. If you are looking for great party favors, you cannot go wrong with temporary tattoos. These are also very cost effective, especially when compared to other kinds of party favors.

You can help your kids and their friends unleash their creative side by having kids temporary tattoos at their party. This is a way they can have fun, express themselves and feel like they are an active participant in the tattoo craze that seems to be sweeping the country. Temporary tattoos are safe, fun, cost effective and a good way to bring a poplar activity to your kids’ party.

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