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Sea glass has become a more popular material for a number of products. Because so many people are on the lookout for beach glass, most of it has been picked up and it has become more rare. There are some colors that are still abundant but a number that are rare. When you are thinking about sea glass wedding jewelry options, you may want to find a color you like and one that is rare. Sea glass jewelry can be made in any color. Here is more information about the more rare sea glass colors.

  • Orange. This has to be the most rare of the sea glass colors. This is mainly because there are not a lot of products made with orange glass. When it comes to the mass production of glass bottles and the like, orange was never really invited to the party. During the 1930s, glass products that were yellow or orange were popular but that was about it.
  • Turquoise: After orange sea glass, this is the next most rare color in the sea glass family. It is also a popular one of the sea glass wedding jewelry options. The same factors that made orange sea glass so rare work here. There just are not a lot of bottles and glass items made with turquoise. If you find this color sea glass, you have made a rare discovery indeed.
  • Red: Some collectors refer to red sea glass as the “Holy Grail.” Unlike the famed cup, however, red sea glass can be found (or bought). This glass is very bright and people who have it often feel an emotional connection to the products, making it good for any sea glass wedding jewelry options. Red glass is used for a lot of things in todays life. It is used in lights on cars, emergency lighting, railroad signs and other place. It is often found in smaller pieces.
  • Yellow: Again, not a lot of products are made with yellow glass (save the popular items made in the 1930s, that were already mentioned). Some clear glass is turned yellow by its exposure to the sun. This is often very pale yellow and makes beautiful sea glass necklaces and sea glass rings.
  • Black: Black may be a popular color with the goth end EMO communities but is rare in sea glass. The glass that is often referred to as black is actually a dark green. It is one of the older colors of sea glass and has been dated back to the 1700s. At the time, liquor and beer bottles were most commonly made from the dark green glass. The color comes from iron residue (slag) that was supposed to make the glass stronger.
  • Pink: The most common source of pink sea glass is Depression era glassware that was used on tables across the country. Today, a lot of the pink sea glass that is made into sea glass pendants started out as clear sea glass but was altered by its exposure to the sun. When clear glass contains selenium, it can tur pink when it is in the sun.
  • White: This is actually the most common sea glass color on the planet. This is because white glass bottles have been made en masse for years. They are used for containers for a number of different products. White bottles are great for storing milk. Some white beach glass that can be found is from the early 20th century and it looks great as one of the sea glass wedding jewelry options, proving that more common objects can also be beautiful. The fristed look of white beach glass makes jewelry made from the material look very elegant and refined. It makes amazing sea glass earrings and pendants.

Beach glass is made (naturally) when glass falls off of a ship and is tossed around by the waves. It acquires its look from being bombarded by the waves but also the sand and other items that are in the water. It is also the ultimate in recycled materials. It was made for one purpose but then is transformed by natural forces to be useful for many other things. The sea glass wedding jewelry options are both beautiful and durable. They are perfect for celebrating a wedding.

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