Custom Tailored Suits Why They Make the Right Impression

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It is said that first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone and that 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance. It is also said that in some circles there is something called the “primacy effect”; that is, the first impression someone forms of you will last long, even despite evidence to contradict it.

Today, in the workplace, people are more apt to dress casually, depending on the company. The youth in today’s workforce, those 23-29 year-olds what to dress more according to normal wear. Instead of working becoming a difficult effort-full process, the youth in today’s workforce want to the job to be more light heart-ed and dress accordingly.

Generally, gone are the three piece suits at work and the rigid convention to wear flashy and fancy clothing. Now there are jeans and t-shirts accompanying workers in many companies, especially newer, start up companies that cater to youth and their ability to be positive and take risks that older workers may not.

In a 2016 survey, 47% of senior managers interviewed said their employees dressed “too casually.” Casually dressing for many means jeans and a t-shirt, or a polo shirt, or khakis. These senior managers may be expecting their employees to wear expensive clothing like expensive shoes or dress shirts or suits.

However, there is something to be said about men’s clothing that is expensive and of better quality and colorful: It looks much nicer than jeans and a t-shirt, or a polo and khakis. The expense wool overcoat, the dress shirt, the three piece suit, all convey a sense of wealth and stature around a person and signify their pocketbooks.

They also, very simply, look nice. When a man dresses up in a tailored suit or other tailored clothing, they send a signal that they care about their appearance and they are willing to go the extra little bit to make their appearance and themselves more attractive to both sexes.

A 2016 study revealed that, on average, American men aged 18 or older spent $85 per month on menswear, which is about $10 more than the women’s monthly average. American men are spending part of their paycheck on men’s clothing that enables them to look good and feel good, which are important in today’s social environment.

There are even some that are getting the holy grail of menswear: the tailored suit.

Suits are an issue for many men. They don’t fit well in certain places or they safe at certain places, never quite conforming to the body. They look loose, which is an issue when they cost a great deal of money. Premium mens suits that are tailored can make the difference. Mens tailoring can relieve those loose spots.

The tailored suit, the designer suit, the finest mens suits can cost a great a deal of money, but they have the ability to turn heads and create a lasting impression with people. They also can inspire confidence. A well-dressed person knows he or she will create an impression. They will look good and feel good. This leads to confidence.

Mens dress trousers are a sticking point for many American men. They have a tendency to be loose and sag, not at all fitted. Mens dress trousers can give the impression of a suit that is close to making the right impression but falling just short. Mens dress trousers can be tailored to fit the man’s legs.

Here are some general tips regarding menswear:

  • The average height for men in the United States is 69.3 inches
  • The average weight circumference for men in the United States is 39.7 inches
  • When wearing a suit jacket, about two centimeters of the shirt collar should be revealed by the jacket collar
  • The cuffs of a shirt should be looser than a watch and fall two centimeters from the wrist bone

Mens dress trousers and mens shirts and mens tailored suits all make the right impression for a person in a business, casual, or social setting.

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