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Black celebrity news is one of the more popular ways to get in tune with black celebrities, though it has taken a backseat in recent years thanks to the dominant influence of social media, where celebrities, black and white, can appeal directly to their audience through posts, tweets, Facebook shares, and more.

Still, celebrity news still has its place today among a segment of the nation’s consciousness. Publications like US Weekly or People or even others that are less reputable, such as the New York Post, all appeal to an audience of millions while providing customers with an endless stream of news sources, stories, and gossip.

Tabloids are the most looked down upon source of celebrity gossip, as they traffic in sensational stories that have little basis on reality, leading some tabloids to get sued for defamation from celebrity actors because the stories have been defaming their character and have little to no basis in reality.

Celebrities, as has been in the past, are looked at as role models and other positive character roles, given their high part in society and high visibility among audiences. They are under a great deal of pressure to perform both professionally and in the public eye, with experiences that are detrimental to them becoming fodder for tabloid newspapers.

There is little more example of this than the fall of Britney Spears, who was once revered as a pop princess, and then spiraled as she struggled with addiction and mental health issues, to undergo a very public “breakdown” and land up in a mental hospital and addiction treatment facility where she was no longer in public.

There is little more cowardly than filming someone’s breakdown and it seems strange that people who engage in voyeurism and public ridicule have jobs of sorts, like a technological version of the jerk who laughed at another person’s misfortune. But that is part of society today.

Today, celebrities are required almost to be perfect, less something negative about them comes out and affects their careers. The career of Jennifer Lawrence was under scrutiny in the past year thanks to her seeming “dalliances” with Chris Pratt, who later ended his relationship with his wife, saying they just had grown apart.

This is true of even African American celebrities, as Jay-Z and Beyonce went through their own public debacle when they started fighting and family become involved. It played out on a very public scale and they were featured in many tabloids, with Beyonce’s sister even playing a role. It was annoying in some ways to see their drama be so public.

But likely it sold newspaper copies.

Today, black celebrities have an obligation to serve as role models, though it is equally agreeable to say that they have the right to do what they want, with whomever they want, wherever they want. The highest earners for African Americans have high visibility and command great financial power. Here is a quick list:

  • Beyonce has an estimated net worth of $450 million and Jay-Z, her husband, has a net worth of $550 million, making them a billion dollar couple.
  • The Oprah Winfrey show aired from 1986 to 2011. Winfrey was paid $30 for the first season alone.
  • Floyd Mayweather, the fighter, has annual salary of $300 million.

Their success has been staggering as well. Beyonce and Jay-Z are well-loved artists, with Jay-Z considered one of the best rappers in his generation, and Beyonce just having an amazing run with her album, almost winning the major music prize. Oprah Winfrey is a force among women. Floyd Mayweather is considered the best fighter of his generation.

The combined revenue of celebrity gossip sites totals more than $3 billion per year. There is a large segment of society that loves celebrity gossip and black celebrities aren’t immune to that group.

Black celebrity news has a place for those that are attached to their celebrities. Those that think of the black celebrity as a role model or who want to hear more about their life are likely to pursue black celebrity news. Black celebrity news is helpful for those who want to see more about their celebrities.

It is possible to get more black celebrity news from black celebrity websites. It is possible also to look at their social media feeds.

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