Facts On Work Safety Clothing

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Throughout the nation, people will walk a lot throughout the day whether they are being active on purpose or just living their daily lives. Understand that the average person will most likely take nearly 10,000 steps every single day in their normal lives. Then, understand that someone who is a laborer or works in the construction industry will take over 30,000 steps in a single day.

Construction workers work hard every single day and often their work is underappreciated or goes unnoticed. Every single structure across the nation has been built and created by a construction crew. This construction sitess are incredibly important and keeping workers safe is a priority for all construction site project managers.

Protecting construction site workers is not easy, but it is incredibly essential. However, getting the right type of safety equipment is not necessarily impossible. As a matter of fact, construction site project managers can invest in plenty of types of safety equipment which includes getting work shirts with reflective stripes.

There is a high amount of available safety equipment that is easy to get if you are a construction site project manager. This equipment includes getting a high visibility jacket, reflective pants for work, a reflective vest, or even getting the simple work shirts with reflective stripes. Safety clothing companies work hard across the nation to implement the highest forms of technology to improve the safety clothing present on construction sites.

Getting work shirts with reflective stripes is pretty easy and is not expensive. Just about $70 is spent on the average employee to provide the right type of foot protection every single year. Getting the right work shirts with reflective stripes is important because, in just a year of 2015, there were over 4,8000 workers that were killed on the job which means almost 13 deaths occurred at the workplace every single day.

Construction site project managers have a lot to focus on when it comes to safety so getting inexpensive work shirts with reflective stripes might be their best bet to focus on other things. For instance, the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health managed to define the maximum exposure time to any sound that is over 85 decibels in just about 8 hours. So construction site project managers need to make sure they provide ear plugs as well for employee safety.

Injuries can be incredibly devastating to the production of a worksite as well. A new employee can easily get injured within their first month on the job and plus they are three times the risk of a lost-time injury than other employees. This is even more probable with workers that are older in age and are about 65 or older. This is why construction site project managers work so hard to get the best work shirts with reflective stripes available.

In Conclusion

There is no question that construction managers have to prioritize the safety of the members of their construction site. If not, then they will not only possibly risk a fatal injury and that brings nothing but dread to a construction site. Not only will the manager have to deal with a possible lawsuit and the remorse of death, but then there will be less production as well which means that there is nothing but bad that can come from not providing the best possible work shirts with reflective stripes.

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