6 Easy Steps to the Perfect Wedding Sparker Send Off

Wedding sparkler

The venue is booked, the guest list finalized, the seating arrangement set in stone, and the menu finally, finally agreed upon. You’ve found the perfect DJ and a staff of clean-cut waiters to circulate with much needed refreshments. You’ve picked the flowers and designed the table cards. You’ve even ordered two cakes in case someone doesn’t like chocolate. You’ve done everything imaginable to ensure your wedding day is the best it can be, but have you thought about how it will end?

Any Hollywood movie will show you an ideal wedding send-off, from a horse-drawn carriage to the newly wed couple running to the car beneath a wedding sparkler send off. When it comes to planning a wedding, however, the details for the day’s festivities can require so much attention that planning the way you want it all to end may get neglected. Don’t let your wedding day peter out. A perfect cap to the night means more than just even more photo opportunities: It also ensures your special day will end on a high note, with you and your spouse being cheered into holy matrimony by your dearest friends and family. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

If you’re still without a perfect send off for your wedding day, here’s how you can orchestrate a brilliant wedding sparkler send off for your special day:

  1. Buy wedding sparklers

    Step one in planning your wedding sendoff should be lighting. Wedding sparklers are a great way to engage everyone and see you and your fiance ushered into holy matrimony in a haze of glory. For a wedding sparkler send off, 20 to 36 inch sparklers are the best choice. Long sparklers have the benefit of each guest only needing one, which means less lighting. Long sparklers also mean long handles so guests can wave them high. To ensure you have enough sparklers, it’s best to order enough for about 75% of the guests you plan to have in attendance.
  2. Choose your last dance

    You’ve probably already picked your first dance, but what about a last to accompany it? Work with your DJ to choose a last song for you to dance to at the end of the night. When you’re a few songs out from your last dance, start making the rounds. You can say good bye to guests and thank them all for coming before stepping out on the floor for one final dance beneath the stars.
  3. Have the carriage brought around ahead of time

    While you’re saying your pre-last dance good byes, have the car or carriage or whatever departure vehicle you’ve chosen come to the front of your venue.

  4. Announce the last song

    When it’s time, have your DJ or stage manager announce the last song. He or she can invite the guests to join you on the floor. Most importantly, have the guests instructed to head to the front (or wherever your carriage awaits) after the song is over for your final send off.
  5. Grab a sparkler, everybody

    To have a dazzling wedding send off, have guests pick up wedding sparklers on their way to the front. You may want to keep the wedding sparkler send off an adult-only activity. If you do provide wedding sparklers to children, make sure they’re supervised by an adult at all times. Even children 10 to 14 years of age are 2.5 times more likely to incur a fireworks related injury.

  6. Try not to linger

    It can be tempting to stay by your car or carriage for another round of hugs, but try to resist. This was supposed to be an epic “wedding sparkler send off,” not a “wedding sparkler are they ever going to leave?” Traditional sparklers have a 45 second life, while long lasting sparklers will shine for almost four minutes. Set yourself a one to two minute mental timer to be driving off before the sparklers fade.

    Just remember this isn’t the end or the last time you’ll see these people, it’s the first time you’re getting to say good bye as a married couple. The future begins at your next destination. So jump in the car or boat or hot air balloon and sail off into the sparkler lit night.

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