What Are the Special Moments Planned for Your Wedding?

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Admit it. If you are a female and are not married, but plan to some day, you already have Pinterest board of the best wedding ideas, don’t you? While we are admitting our dreams, how about all of the mothers out there who have daughters. You have already started dreaming and pinning what your daughter’s wedding will be like, haven’t you?
We are a society of planners and the social memo aspect of our world today allows us to plan and gather ideas months, and even years, before they are needed. Being in love can send us into a frenzy of dreams and wishes when it comes to big events like weddings. Even if they are events that are years away from now.
There is no perfect wedding and there are no perfect couples, but there can be plenty of perfect moments during the day, and that is all you can ask for. What are some of the perfect moments that you have planned for your upcoming event? A special song for the father daughter dance after the wedding? Life size movie posters of you and your future husband’s engagement on the signs outside the reception and dance location? Wedding sparklers to provide a beautiful backdrop for the dance photos?
Smoke Free Sparklers, Creative Seating, Unique Moments Help Create a Great Wedding Event
Whether you are getting married next weekend, next month, or next year, or a time to still be determined, weddings are an occasion that brides, mothers, and family members spend years planning. Consider some of the more popular ideas in today’s weddings to help you plan for plenty of special moments:
Creative, Themed Seating. Bales of hay draped in a soft fabric can provide perfect seating options for a wedding dance at an old refurbished barn. Lighted cubes of a variety of sizes at an outdoor reception can serve as both tables for drinks or chairs for seats at a nighttime wedding. Brides today think beyond the organza and floral decorations at the end of church pews and the wedding color chair covers at receptions. They also want to provide less formal seating areas at the dinner and dance so that family members can get to know one another as they help celebrate the new couple. With a variety of rental options available, seating can be both creative and unique for your wedding theme.
Beautiful Lighting. Smoke free sparklers available in a variety of sizes can be used at a couple of times during a wedding day. Long lasting sparklers like 36 inch sparklers provide a beautiful backdrop for photos as well as fun for the guests. Distributing smoke free sparklers to 75% of the guests as they leave the church can provide a lighted walk way as the couple leaves the church. Later in the evening at an outdoor dance, smoke free sparklers provide fun showers of light, especially when they are combined with draped strands of light across the dance floor. For fall weddings, lighted pumpkins with carved initials of the new couple create a soft light that adds to the romantic mood of the evening.
Wedding Favors. Photo booths are popular additions to many of today’s parties and celebrations. Fun wedding props like cardboard bouquets can be combined with college colors and mascots to create memorable images. Giving the guests an inexpensive photo frames that includes a handmade mat that perfectly opens for those photo booth strips help guests leave with a fun memory from the evening. An outdoor wedding set in an opening surrounded by trees can be followed with a gift of tree saplings for guests to take home and plant in their own yards.
Strong Family Connections Weddings are all about the bride and the groom. They can also, however, be a time to spotlight family members and friends. By highlighting strong couples who have modeled their love for the next generation, one dance can honor couples who have been married for years. With a last-couple-dancing feature, this one dance of the evening can help celebrate the commitment that is the goal of every marriage.
Whether you have started “pinning” your ideas years ago or whether you are just now making plans, making your wedding stand out from the 22.1 million every year can be a fun goal.

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