Want to Fly on a Private Plane? It Might be Easier than You Think with an Empty Leg Private Jet Flight

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Have you ever dreamed of flying like the rich and famous? Who has not? They get to the airport when they want to get there. They do not have to be herded, like cattle, through the Transportation Safety Administration check points or told to take off their shoes and belts. People on private jets can even travel with more than three ounces of liquid. And that is just the start of the benefits. The good news is that this kind of travel is often possible for the rest of us by buying seats on empty leg private jets.

What is an “empty leg private jet” flight?

If you have seen the movie, “Catch Me If You Can,” you may have heard of the term, “deadhead.” When Leonardo DiCarpio’s character, Frank Abagnale Jr., flies millions of miles for free is is taking advantage of an airline custom of allowing pilots to fly on their aircraft to from an airport where they are needed to one where they are. The empty leg private jet flight is similar in that it involved moving an aircraft from a city or location where it is not needed to one where it is.

You seem, when the rich and famous go someplace, unless they are using their own plane, they charter one to get from point A to B. That plane may then need to get to point C and if no one has charted it to get from B to C, it goes there empty. This costs the charter jet company money. That is where passengers like you come in.

If you have a group of people going on a trip together and you are going from B to C, you can pool your money together and buy tickets on that empty leg private jet flight. The private jet charters charge by the flight, not the seat so you can make this more affordable than you may think. For some travelers, the cost of the private jet empty leg can be up to 75% cheaper that the rate they charge their full price customers, according to Forbes Magazine.

Tips for traveling on empty leg flights:

  • Be prepared to be spontaneous. One way that charter jet companies are able to offer cheaper prices for these flights is to offer great last minute deals. Often the best deals can be found about 48 hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. Checking with the different charter jet services is a great way to stay informed of their specials and prices.
  • Do some internet research. If you search the internet for “deadhead flights” or for “private jet empty leg flights” should give you the results you are looking for.
  • Be flexible. This applies to both the date you are traveling and the kind of equipment you are going on. That group that chartered the plane to get to Vale may have increased in size since you booked your private jet empty leg flight so you may be going in a bigger plane than you expected.
  • Get your friends and family to come with you. If you have not already been planning a great trip with friends and/or your family, may be the time. See who can come with you for a last minute getaway.
  • Look for membership options. Some charter jet companies offer memberships. They charge one monthly fee and then a ticket on private jet empty leg flights for a very serious discount. If you fly a lot for business or pleasure this may be a great option for you. This option can even make flying in a private jet a lot more economical than going commercial and in coach. Remember, last minute coach flight can be very, very expensive.

Flying on private chartered planes is a lot of fun and can get you to more places than the commercial airlines. This is because private jets have access to more than 100 times more airports than the airlines do. Flying on a private jet empty leg flight may be just the way to get you and your group to your destination in style and for less.





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