6 Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

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Most people assume that they will never develop skin cancer or any other kind of cancer but many do. It has been estimated that there are more than 87,000 new cases of invasive melanoma every year in the United States aloe. While this is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer, it is also the most rare. If you are concerned about the look at health of your skin, there are things you can do to protect both. Experts at laser med spa recommend the following:

  1. No tan is a “healthy tan.” Whether you got your tan outside or you went to a tanning salon, a tan from an outside source is evidence that you have sun damaged skin. Some people assume that while a sun burn is a skin disorder, a natural tan is healthy. Most of the skin cancers in the world are caused by exposure to the sun. If you want to get that “healthy glow,” you should go to the spray tan centers in your area.
  2. Wear sunscreen. People like to think that if they put on a sunscreen with a high enough sun protective factor (SPF) they can stay out all day and they will be fine but that is just not true. First of all, any sunscreen, no matter how large the SPF is needs to be reapplied at some point. Secondly, there is a good chance if you are in the sun, you will sweat it off. Bring your sunscreen with you and reapply often throughout the day.
  3. Put on sunscreen even when it is cloudy. If there is daylight outside, there is sunshine and with it comes the chance to do damage to your skin. This is why you should make putting sunscreen on a part of your daily routine every single day. If it is not totally cloudy but on the hazy side, you may have more of a risk. If you are in the water, the suns’s rays are coming at you from several points.
  4. Stay out of the sun during the middle of the day. The hours from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm are the worst in terms of your sun exposure. You should limit the time you are out in the sun as this is when it can do the most damage, say the experts at the laser med spa. If you have to be out during those hours, put on a hat and wear long sleeves.
  5. Make sure your kids are covered in sunscreen. They may be unhappy about it when you do it but they will thank you later. Not only is a sun burn when you are a child bad for increasing your risk of skin cancer later but it can also be the cause of early fine lines and wrinkles later in life. Whenever your kids are out in the sun, make sure they have the right sunscreen on. To make it easier on you, there are great sunscreens that can be sprayed on.
  6. Pay attention to your skin. If you are looking at your skin and you notice that you have new moles that were not there before or you have moles that are changing, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Regular moles tend to be symmetrical in shape so if they are not, you should see that as a red flag and you should get a medical opinion. The bad news about skin cancer is that it can be deadly. The good news about skin cancer is you can see it, most of the time. The sooner you catch a suspicious mole, the more that can be done to treat it.

Every year, many people go to laser med spas to help deal with damage to their skin. This damage is normally in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Laser med spas can help with line fillers,
laser skin techniques and other products and procedures to help make your skin look younger. All of this can be prevented, to some degree, by protecting your skin from the sun while you are young and throughout your life. When it comes to skin cancer or premature aging, anounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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