Big Things in Small Packages Compressed T-Shirts

Custom print tote bags

What is it about a good t-shirt? For decades now, this simple piece of clothing has become a staple for casual clothing consumers all over the world, especially in the United States. In the U.S. 95% of people wear t-shirts on a regular basis, and the t-shirt industry has seen a near 25% increase the past five to six years. But why are t-shirts still so popular, and why do they remain lucrative?

Promotional T-Shirts

Businesses are forever looking for new and efficient ways to advertise their brand, products, and name. For many years now, companies of all kinds (tech, food, entertainment, etc.) have invested part of their advertising budget into t-shirts. Investing in screen printing for promotional t-shirts, whether in house or outsourced, is a brilliant way for a company to literally take its brand to the streets.

People love wearing t-shirts to begin with. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and can be worn in many settings. By printing t-shirts that feature a company’s name and/or logo, company’s can easily advertise themselves using real people walking around in public spaces. The consumer might not even think much of wearing this particular t-shirt, other than its comfortability and design, but people walking by might take notice of the name stamped or stitched onto the shirt and remember what they saw. Either way, it’s cheap promotion for a business, especially since the cost of printing t-shirts is relatively low, and they can even be sold for a profit.

Promotional swag doesn’t simply end at t-shirts, of course. At conventions and offices you’ll most likely see promotional tote bags, hats, patches, pins, pens, and more. Almost any object you can think of can be turned into a marketing tool by savvy advertisers. Promotional beer cozys are becoming increasingly popular, for instance.

Custom Compressed T-Shirts

There’s a new type of promotional t-shirt that is catching fire in the marketing industry: compressed t-shirts. Just like they sound, compressed t-shirts are t-shirts that are compressed into a small package. But these packages aren’t plain, they can come in almost any shape imaginable.

For instance, there are compressed t-shirts that come packaged in the shape of a soda bottle, and others that are packaged inside a miniature t-shirt that displays the design on the actual t-shirt inside! It’s a quirky and fun way for businesses to promote their brand. Some companies design the package for their compressed t-shirt to look exactly like their logo itself. Compressed t-shirts are also cheap and easy to ship out since they’re so small.

No matter how you dress it, t-shirts won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Even if you prefer plain t-shirts without words, slogans, or logos, chances are you’ll come across several people throughout your day donning a promotional t-shirt of some kind. For companies of all sizes, it’s almost always beneficial to invest in promotional shirts, gear, and other swag to further get your name out there. Remember: everyone loves a good t-shirt!

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