What You Can Do to Protect Your Family and Yourself from EMF Radiation

Cordless phone

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us all of the time. There are natural fields that shield the planet from radiation from the Sun and other sources in the galaxy. The Earth’s magnetic field protects us and is one reason life is possible comes from our electronic appliances and devices. It has been found that this kind of EMF can cause damage to cells at levels that are billions of times lower than the level of conventional heating that can harm cells. Within just a few minutes of cordless or cell phone use, bioeffects can be detected. From buying EMF protection necklaces to getting EMF shielding fabric, there are products you can buy for EMF safety and steps you can take to protect your family and yourself.

  1. Use a wired internet network. We all love our wireless internet networks but if you want to protect your family without always wearing an EMF protection necklace, you should really consider ditching the wireless and going back to ethernet cables. Your WiFi network is one of the worst offenders in your home in terms of emitting EMF radiation that is dangerous to your and your family’s heath. If you really cannot go fully wired, and many people cannot, you should turn off your wireless technology when the family goes to bed.
  2. Get wired phones and lose the baby monitors. Many people have never lived in a world where they had a phone at home that was connected to the wall. While cordless phones are more convenient, they do emit a lot of EMF. Baby monitors are another bad source of this kind of radiation. You can look into getting EMF protection necklaces for babies but getting rid of the monitors is also a good step to take. Going back to phones with cords and losing the baby monitors are two great steps that will protect your family.
  3. Go hands-free when you use your cell phone. There are lots of ways to use your cell phone without holding it to your head. You can use your earbuds. Some cars let you run the phone through the stereo system. You can use your speaker phone function. All of these are ways to reduce the amount of EMF you are getting from your cell phone. Another step you can take is to keep it in the airline mode when you are not using it.
  4. Get new television sets. The flat screen TVs that are everywhere today are much better in terms of the amount of EMF that they emit. If you are one of the few people in the United States who still uses the old school TV sets that take up a ton of room, it is absolutely time for a technology upgrade. This really is a win-win, you get a healthier home and a better viewing experience from your television.
  5. Look at where your furniture is. Do you have it in areas that are closer to sources of EMF radiation? D you have a microwave oven on the kitchen table (some families do)? Look at where your devices and appliances are in relation to your furniture and make whatever adjustments are needed to make your home safer. You should pay special attention to all of the beds in your home. Remember, even cell phone chargers emit a ton of EMF so you do not want to keep that on the nightstand.
  6. Take all of the EMF emitters out of all of the bedrooms in your home. While you are scanning the house for EMF sources, take as much out of the bedrooms. Do not keep your wireless routers or cell phone chargers in your bedrooms. For the devices and appliances that you want in your bedroom, keep them at least three feet away from the bed. This is at least one way to keep the EMF away. It degrades with distance so even a few inches can make a difference.

EMF radiation is invisible, odorless and has no taste yet it is dangerous. There are items like EMF protection necklaces and other jewelry that can protect you and your family from EMF radiation.



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