Create a New Look with Hair Weaves or Extentions

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Are you looking for new hair and makeup artists? Someone to give you a unique hairstyle for a special occasion. Or perhaps you’re thinking about a total make-over?

Women tend to change their hairstyles as much as 104 times during their life. They also tend to change the color of their hair. In a recent study, 3,000 women shared their reasons for seeking a change:

    Boredom: 44%
    Just wanted a change: 61%
    Conceal gray hair: 17%

After a break-up or divorce, many women also choose to create a new look for themselves. In a recent survey, one-third of the women polled shared this as their reason.

While the reasons you want to change your style may be in-keeping with those above–or something else entirely–a quality hair salon can assist you.

If you’ve been wearing short hair styles for a while, you may want to consider weaves or extensions:

    Hot fusion extensions
    Natural hair style weaves
    Sew in hair extensions

Natural hair style extensions and natural hair style weaves can add body to your hair. If your hair is longer and already has a lot of body, you may want to go with a Brazilian blow out.

Depending on your natural hair’s texture, you may want to go with a relaxer and conditioning treatment before you choose a new hair style. If your hair is on the short side, and you imagine long hair trailing down your back, then adding extensions will give you the longer look you desire.

The Professional Beauty Association reported that even more salons are offering hair extensions to their clients. Many of these stylists also specialize in caring for multi-cultural hair.

If you’re looking to switch up your look, but haven’t committed to any one style just yet, you may want to try on a few natural hair wigs in different styles and colors. When you have several wigs to choose from, changing your look is easy.

Another reason you may be interested in a salon for hair extensions is because your hair is thinning or you’re showing signs of hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, by the time women turn 40, approximately 40% will experience female pattern hair loss to some degree. It is believed this hair loss is caused by the following conditions:

    Hormonal changes
    Poor nutrition
    Crash diets
    Medical conditions
    Specific medications

Since you want to look your best, remember that part of a daily beauty regimen is taking care of your health as well as your hair.

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