Taking Care of Your Leather Tote Bags and Other Accessories

Leather belts

Adding leather accessories to your outfits continues to be a luxurious fashion statement. In the 1980s, for example, European designers like Armani, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, and Versace — just to name a few–were prominent names in leather apparel design.

More recently, designer leather accessories were modeled by celebrity Chloe Moretz. In Coach’s 2016 popular spring campaign, Moretz modeled several high-fashion leather accessories. This definitely points to an enduring love for leather and shows its design potential and versatility.

When wanting to find leather for sale, there are different types, or grades, from which to choose. Here are the four basic categories:



            Split leather

          Top-grain and full-grain leather are considered to be the highest quality. These types of leather are preferred for accessories as well as jackets and pants.

          Do you purchase fine leather goods on a regular basis? If so, were you aware that in 2015, 2.3% of American households with an income of $100,000 per year spent $500-to-$999 on a variety of leather products?

          There are so many luxurious leather goods to consider when shopping for fine leather goods. Consider these products for men:

            leather backpacks
            Leather messenger bags
            Leather briefcases
            Leather satchels
            Leather belts
            Leather keychains
            Leather wallets

          When shopping for women, consider these stylish and functional accessories:

            Leather belts
            Leather backpacks

                Leather tote bags
                Leather satchels
                Leather bracelets
                Leather wallets
                Leather keychains

              Since you want your fine leather accessories to last a long time, it’s important to follow these two simple steps:

                Be sure to handle your leather goods with clean hands.
                Have your leather accessories professionally cleaned every six months.

              When handling leather, clean hands are important so that the leather doesn’t absorb grease or oils. It’s important to have leather professionally cleaned so that it is conditioned and protected from dirt, water spotting, and other substances.

              Since leather is susceptible to specific weather conditions, especially to low humidity, the fibrous structure of the weather can be altered. Unfortunately, if this happens, the effects are irreversible.

              When looking for leather for sale, you want to ensure that you purchase quality top-grain and full-grain leather. While fine leather goods do make a fashion statement, they are also sturdy, practical, and functional. Take proper care of them, and they will last a long time.
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