Diamond Rings Have a Rich History

Diamond rings alpharetta

If you live in Atlanta, and are considering buying an engagement ring, you will probably just do it. If you are like me, you may intellectualize things. Most diamond rings Atlanta offers, you may believe, are really not romantic. These diamond rings Atlanta offers would be worthless stones on a ring had not De Beers launched an aggressive marketing campaign to promote them. This legend has some truth, for De Beers did popularize the concept of the engagement ring atlanta offers. In no way, though, were diamonds worthless before 100 years ago. Rather, diamonds have been found throughout antiquity. Modern diamond rings Atlanta offers are only the latest manifestation of them.

The modern diamond rings Atlanta offers has its roots in ancient India. India was the only source of diamonds until around 1700, and the diamond trade flourished then. Diamonds were used extensively in wedding ceremonies, and were exported to nobility everywhere. One such diamond, the Hope Diamond, was purchased by Louis XIV of France, and now sits at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

Diamond engagement rings atlanta offers got their big boost from De Beers around 1900. At the time, large diamond deposits were found in South Africa, multiplying the supply. Despite always being precious stones, demand for diamonds simply wasn’t strong enough for the new supply. De Beers responded by promoting diamonds as eternal, and as signs of love. That is how diamond rings Atlanta offers are commonly associated with engagements.

So the next time you are running out to buy diamond rings Atlanta offers, consider their history. These diamond rings Atlanta offers were always precious. While the rituals for giving them may have changed slightly, the uniqueness and value has not. Remember that particular statement the next time you are buying any custom jewelry atlanta offers.

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