Find the ideal diamonds for the one you love

Engagement rings virginia

Diamonds and diamond adorned jewelry could be the best way for anyone to tell someone that they are the love of their life. Many people these days judge diamonds by the 4 Cs, one of which is Carat weight. This is of course, the most objective of the 4 Cs, since it does not involve any comparisons, judgments or estimates. The other Cs that people judge diamonds on are their Cut, Color and Clarity.

Many people may be in the market for diamond engagement rings. The average engagement ring can cost around $5,200, and may be available in a set. A bridal set, also known as a wedding set, includes an engagement ring and wedding band that matches it. This could also come in a set with the grooms ring included. Shoppers will notice that a full 73 percent of engagement rings these days are made out of white gold.

While looking for diamonds and engagement rings dc area residents will want to look at a store that can provide them with a wide range of items. Some may be modest, while others may remind people of The Hope Diamond, which is most likely one of the worlds most famous diamonds. The Hope Diamond is a 45.52 carat diamond with a deep blue hue that is currently housed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in D.C.

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