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Since the advent of the internet in the 1990s, it is difficult to deny the fact that, in many ways, the internet has changed the lives of millions of people for the better. While the web has also garnered more than its share of criticism, it has probably received the most flak from those who claim it is robbing Americans of leading “authentic” social lives, and cultivating healthy, meaningful relationships.

For instance, 10 years ago, most people were too embarrassed to admit that they met their significant others online. Now, it seems more common to hear about people meeting through an internet dating site than at work or school. Actually, it is impossible to sit through a thirty minute television program without seeing some kind of advertisement for an online dating service.

Although the internet has certainly led many people to seek companionship over the web, is that necessarily a “bad” thing? And who says that these people would not be lonely and sulking today, if not for the internet? Regardless, of which side you take on the polarizing issue of online relationships, the web has certainly made many things in life faster, more efficient, more convenient, and even safer. Raiding a Nordstrom Rack San Diego from your living room in New York is one thing that comes to mind. Think about it. What is faster, easier, and more convenient than finding a great deal online with Nordstrom Rack coupons? Certainly not trouncing about town to QVC outlets and Kohls Dept stores.

In the amount of time it takes an online shopper to search Nordstrom Rack San Diego and the NBC Shopping Network online for that perfect blouse or pair of slacks, find the store with the best prices; and submit an order, a brick and mortar shopper might be able to walk through the doors of her first stop. Then you have to think about safety. When you can do all of your clothes shopping without leaving your couch, what is the chance you will lose your wallet, leave behind your debit card, get mugged, or be hit by a car? Exactly.

If you are one of the people who loves the internet and cannot live without it, just ignore the naysayers and the Luddites. They can go right ahead and forge meaningful flesh and blood relationships, wait in long retail check out lines, and deal with the annoying crowds at the mall. But they will never get the same deals you get from Nordstrom Rack San Diego online, plus you do not even have to leave your favorite recliner, nor risk being mugged.

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