Hanging Christmas Lights 101

Even though it’s the summer time, there is no wrong time for Christmas lights indoors! It’s also never to early to plot out your action plan to light up your home this holiday season, so why not learn the most reliable way to hang Christmas lights? More often than not, homeowners dream up their dream Christmas light display before actually learning how to properly hang their lights. In this video, we will learn the best and easiest way to hang Christmas lights.

If you are hanging Christmas lights indoors, it is important that you use LED bulbs to avoid overheating and fire hazards. This isn’t something you need to worry about with traditional outdoor Christmas lights however, so pick whichever ones catch your eye! In Christmas lights, you can often connect long strands to one another, so finding multiple plugs and power sources is a concern of the past.

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Always test your lights before hanging them, and opt for Christmas lights in a roll instead of in a box. Get a buddy to assist you in hanging lights, especially if you are using a ladder. Outdoor command strips are made for lights, so grab a ton of them before you get started!


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