How Customized EMF Can Protect You and Your Family

Microwave shielding

Electromagnetic radiation or EMF has many sources and with the proliferation of appliances, electronics, computers and mobile devices, we are surrounded by it. For certain people who are specially sensitive, known as empaths, or for children with ADHD and ADD issues, a customized EMF shield may help to block the harmful effects of the radiation.

What are EMFs?
EMFs refer to the non-ionizing radiation from various sources such as electrical appliances, microwaves, radios, and wireless devices. These can include everyday objects that are found in nearly every home, such as microwave ovens, cel phones and computers, and child monitors and other wireless devices. EMFs are also associated with electric transmission, through poor power quality and ground currents.
With the proliferation of cell phone usage, cell phone towers are springing up across the landscape. They are frequently located on public buildings like pre-schools, church day-cares, and school campuses. It is estimated that young children are exposed, at home and at school, to RF or radio frequencies that are 1,000 times higher than they were 20 to 25 years ago.
The risks of non-ionizing radiation are becoming more apparent and in 2015, over 190 scientists from 40 countries asked the U.N. and the WHO to recognize the need for greater protection. As far back as 2007, it was understood that the existing public safety limits for EMF were insufficient.

Who is at risk?
The number of cell phone users worldwide tripled from about 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion by 2012. They are at risk of exposure to EMFs, but there’s little to indicate that they’re even aware of the emf dangers they’re carrying around with them in their hands and pockets. Highly vulnerable groups include sensitives or empaths, people who work with computers or travel very frequently, children and especially those with ADHD or ADD.
People who live or work near cell phone towers are also at risk. In general, if you spend a lot of time near a window with a direct view of a cell phone tower, you may need customized emf protection.
Studies show that short-term EMF exposure among children produces problems like headaches, irritation, and trouble concentrating on lessons. Among adults, problems reported include headaches, neurological problems, and trouble in sleeping or concentrating.

How does protection work?
People who are risk of exposure can use EMF blockers of various types. A customized emf shield can protect a person, a child, a car or a whole house. Full body protection can usually be achieved through emf shielding jewelry, and for rooms and houses, emf blockers can usually be plugged in.
For customized emf protection for a home, as many as 20 emf shields may be needed. This number varies according to the number of electronic devices in use around the house.

A customized emf shield can help you keep yourself, your family and your pets safe from the effects of EMF exposure. In the absence of adequate public safety standards, it’s the best measure to ensure your safety.

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