Your Guide to Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

Luxury ostrich skin boots

More and more men are looking to luxury items such as shoes and bags. About 6% of the total shoe market share is from the sale of men’s dress shoes. The sale of men’s designer footwear grew 39% between the years 2009 and 2014. Moreover, the sale of luxury bags and other small leather goods grew as well during that time. The sale of bags went by 24% and the sale of small leather goods rose by 40%. If you are thinking of buying a pair of exotic skin shoes for men, you have lots of options.

It can be very daunting if you are not an expert. Whether you want them for yourself or for a loved one, with a myriad of choices, it can be hard to decide. Luckily Dellamodahas your back. They compiled information on the different styles and options.

They start their guide with alligator skin shoes. These are some of the most popular of the exotic shoes for men. The leather is a very high quality and is very soft. Dellamoda calls this the “king of exotic shoes.” They note that as a consequence of this high stature, you will pay more money for a pair of these exotic skin shoes for men. It also is much more expensive to get the skin off of the animal. If you are thinking you want a pair of these, you should try to get shoes that came from the tail or the belly of the animal. You can tell you have real alligator if you find a umbilical scar that looks like a diamond. The scar was made by small scales that are little triangles.

Another reptile is the crocodile. While they are often confused in the wild and in high fashion, the leather they give looks very different. They say the scales are in patterns that are more regular than what is found in alligator skin. Many people like this shoes because they look more rugged. They can also be quite elegant. More and more people are discovering items made from crocodile leather. Again, the shoes should be made from skin from the belly.

Ostrich bird skins if used a lot for the manufacture of cowboy boots. When designers make exotic skin shoes for men, they often use the skin from the legs or from where the bird’s quills are placed. This is a very shapable and soft kind of leather. The look of ostrich skin boots for men is hip and sleek. They are often noticed for their unique textures that are often described as “bumpy” or “ridged.” The look of these exotic skin shoes for men has been described as elegant and finished.

Skin from eels holds up very well and is very soft. Shoemakers say that it is easy to shape because it is so lightweight. It has been described as nimble. One benefit to using this skin is that it takes in dye very well. It i a perennial favorite among consumers and shoemakers alike.

Sort of similar to the eel, there are snake skin shoes. Cowboy boot makers like to use snakeskin a lot. Unlike the eel leather, which gets its sheen from the dye that is used, snake skin has a sheen all of its own. These are loved by all and are considered to be very luxurious. This is also a very malleable skin and can be used for a wide variety of shoes and boots.

The last skin on the list is the lizard skin. These are very sturdy shoes that are made from a hardy leather. When these shoes or boots are cared for properly, they can last for a very long time. Some people report having the shoes or boots for years and years. If you compare the price of lizard leather to leather from cows, the lizard does cost more but it worth it. They last a lot longer and feel great on the feet

When you are talking about exotic skin shoes for men, there really is no way to go wrong. If you buy your shoes online, make sure you can return them but other than that, it is just a question of style.


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