Make an Excellent First Impression with Fine Italian Leather Shoes and Accessories

Formal shoes for men

When was the last time you went shopping for men’s shoes? What about leather dress shoes? Were you aware that men’s dress shoes comprise six percent of the overall market share? Retail shoe sales also grew almost 40% between 2009-to-2014. In 2011 alone, luxury spending by men almost doubled that of women.

Millennials, or those individuals between the 18-to-34, appear to focus on accessorizing. Currently, this group of individuals are some of the main accessory consumers.

How are they accessorizing? In addition to donning fine leather dress shoes, they are also wearing fine leather belts and watch straps while carrying fine leather wallets.

If you haven’t purchased a new pair of formal shoes for men lately, and you prefer lace-up shoes, there are two basic types you might be interested in trying on: Derbies and Oxfords. Slip-ons, or loafers, are also a popular and versatile type of shoe.

Do you prefer exotic leather? This type of shoe can also accessorize well with formal, work, and social attire. Exotic leather shoes are constructed of crocodile, python, stingray, and other types of globally-traded leather.

When you purchase Italian loafers or other fine Italian shoes, you want to take care of them properly. Not only will your favorite shoes last longer, they will also maintain their luxurious appearance.

Were you aware that you should rotate your shoes regularly? It has been recommended that you do this a minimum of one time every other day. This is because your shoes will compress, and rotating provides them time to resume their normal form.

Were you aware that shoe trees can help to maintain your shoes’ health? After you’ve spent time in your shoes, they retain moisture. Not only can using a shoe tree assist with the drying-out process, it can also accelerate it.

If you don’t have a shoe tree in your closet, then you may want to consider your options when shopping for one or more. There are plastic as well as wooden shoe tress. The plastic variety are obviously lighter than the wooden ones. When you travel on a regular basis for business, pleasure, or both, you may be interested to know that plastic shoe trees are light enough to pack.

Wooden shoe trees, however, are able to absorb moisture and odor better than plastic shoe trees. As a result, you may want to purchase both. You can use the plastic one while traveling, and the wooden one to use while at home.

What type of first impression would you like to make? Designer shoes, especially Italian leather shoes, can potentially make a positive first impression. Furthermore, you’ll also feel luxurious and comfortable in leather dress shoes such as leather loafers and leather oxford shoes.

Do you enjoy reading or learning about psychology studies? There have been several studies that have demonstrated that it only takes 7-to-17 seconds for someone to form an opinion about another person. Furthermore, 55% of the participants in one of these studies claimed that their opinion was based on physical appearance.

There have also been a number of psychological studies that examined the difference between visual and audio cues. These studies found that visual cues can be three-to-five times more powerful.

The next time you’re shopping for leather dress shoes, be sure to consider style as well as comfort. This can make a difference in how you feel as well as in making that positive first impression.

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