How Donating Your Clothing Makes a Difference

Do you have a closet full of clothes you’re no longer using and not sure what to do with? Most Americans do, and the sad part is many of these items are still useable but end up in a landfill. 12 million tons of clothing and household goods get tossed out every year because people don’t know what to do with them. Learn how a clothing donation can make a difference not only in freeing up your closet but helping out those in need.

You Can Easily Offload Donations

Getting donations to a charity isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are many options that include charity clothing pickup, where you can leave your items on a curb or call for a donation pickup, and have someone come to you to take the donations. Clothing donations should be in decent condition and something you would give someone else, not in bad shape or torn up. Most Americans purchase over 9 pounds of clothing every year, so if you have items that you believe are still good but no longer want it, chances are there is someone out there who does.

Hosuewares Are Accepted for Donation, Too

Perhaps someone got you an additional coffeemaker, but you don’t need one. Or maybe you’ve thought about getting rid of a couch you rarely use that’s taking up space. Besides clothing donations, charities accept household goods. You can schedule these for pickup just as you would clothing. Household goods are considered a charitable donation and can help people who need items for their home but cannot afford them at retail prices. By recycling your items, you can help someone else get settled in their home.

Your Items Can Benefit Military Families

Depending on what charity you’re donating to, you can help a military family. Some charities donate directly to military families in need, while others give the proceeds they earn from resales to organizations that help military families. If this is something you want to do, seek an organization that offers charity clothing pickup and give your items to them, in an effort to help those who have served the United States.

The average individual creates almost five pounds of garbage every day. Rather than putting your clothing or home goods in this pile, consider what you can do to help others when you give away your items for donation. You can schedule a charity clothing pickup and have someone come and take away the items you no longer need. Housewares make an excellent item to donate since most families and charities can really use these. Depending on the charity you select, you can ensure they help military families, either directly or through donations from the proceeds of the items they sell. By going through your home and closet, you can turn your trash into treasure for someone else, giving them the chance to get a hand up.

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