The Importance Of Representation In Current Celebrity News In the Country Of The United States

When it comes to current celebrity news, many of us all too quickly brush it off as a matter that is far from important. But though current celebrity news might not affect us in our day to day lives, current celebrity news has the potential to impact not only how we feel about ourselves and who we are and the lives that we lead, but on the world as a whole. In current celebrity news, there is growing trend for representation among marginalized communities. Representation matters in current celebrity news more than you might think, as many people who are members of minority groups see themselves in current celebrity news and in the world as an extension if members of that same minor group are also featured as a part of this current celebrity news and latest Hollywood entertainment news.

For instance, black news websites can be the ideal place to catch up on all of the current celebrity news for the more than forty five million black people currently living here in the United States alone. Seeing people who look like you is important, and current celebrity news platforms that support that are likely to be popular among people of color all throughout the country. After all, many African American people have been wildly successful and provide great roles models to many children and young people.

Take, for instance, Oprah Winfrey, a woman whose star has risen exponentially. Oprah Winfrey is a household name, with a television show that ran for a total of twenty five seasons before it officially ended back in the year of 2011. Since then, Oprah has busied herself with other projects, as well as with humanitarian efforts. Oprah, who came from nothing, is now one of the most successful women in the entirety of the world, a talk show host and a business woman who has touched the lives of many people of all different races and providing an inspirational role model to those who are in need of one. Tyra Banks is another famous talk show host – and the creator of the hit show, America’s Next Top Model. She broke barriers in her early days as a model, when she became the first African American woman to model in not only the cover of Sports Illustrated, but in the Victoria’s Secret advert and GQ Magazine as well.

When it comes to the acting world, there are many famous black and African American actors as well. Of them, Will Smith is arguably one of the most successful. After getting his start on the television show, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Will Smith has gone on to have an illustrious career, with the vast majority of movies that he has worked in and on grossing more than one hundred million dollars, impressive by any standards. And he is far from the only successful African American actor to grace the big screen. Denzel Washington, another black man, is a two time Oscar winner, only the second black man in history to win the Academy Award and the first since the year of 1963, which is now more than fifty years in the past.

Many African American musicians have also found great success including the power couple of Beyonce and Jay Z, who are one of the most reported on couples in current celebrity news on many different current celebrity news platforms. Beyonce on her own has a tremendous net worth of around four hundred and fifty million dollars, and she is by and large one of the most popular female musical artists in the entirety of the United States. Her husband, Jay Z, has a net worth that is even higher, totaling around six hundred and fifty million dollars. When you pool their net worths, you find that they have a net worth that reached above and beyond a total of one billion dollars, a truly immense amount of money. Jay Z has had incredibly musical success as well, with more number one albums than even the King, Elvis Presley himself.

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