How to Apply Vinyl for Cricut 101

Applying vinyl for Cricut is a popular and enjoyable activity based on this video. A qualified vinyl expert can teach interested parties how to cut and apply vinyl for Cricut.
Blank Preparation
The object used in this project is known as a blank because its void and ready for personalization.

Video Source

Blanks can be water bottles, wooden signs, plastic bins, tumblers, beer mugs, coffee mugs, or glasses.
Cut a segment of transfer tape with scissors. It should be slightly broader than the design. Peel off the transfer paper’s backing and smooth it out on the vinyl for Cricut design using a scraper tool. Doing so eliminates air bubbles and gives the transfer paper a proper hold on the vinyl design.
Peel the paper backing of the vinyl to leave the vinyl for Cricut design glued on the transfer tape.
Place the transfer tape and vinyl combination on the preferred area on the blank project.
Using a finger, smooth the vinyl design/transfer tape down on the blank. Press down the vinyl on the blank using a scraper tool to remove air bubbles.
Peel off the transfer tape to leave the vinyl blank.
Suppose the vinyl doesn’t stick on the blank. Reapply the transfer tape, press it down, and rub the area to achieve proper adhesion before peeling the transfer paper off.
Contact our team of vinyl experts to learn more about the application process.

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