How to be Both Environmentally Responsible and Practical

Plastic tote bags wholesale

Do you constantly find yourself struggling to find unique attire and accessories that are also environmentally safe? Fashion has been created for years with materials that are not very good for the environment. In fact, many of the more popular designer lines are made with questionable products. If you are the type of person that cares where your clothing and accessory items come from, you will appreciate the following environmentally friendly items.

Custom lunch bags

What better way is there to show off your style than to customize something? Design your personal custom lunch bag with your monogram or favorite color. You will never have a hard time locating your lunch bag in the office fridge and the reusable bag is better for the environment. You can even choose a custom insulated bag that will keep your cold beverages cold and your hot items hot. Custom insulated bags are also perfect for bringing temperature sensitive foods to a dinner party.

Custom wine bag gifts

Wine is a common gift. It is the perfect gift to give to someone that is hosting a dinner event. It is also perfect to include in a gift basket. Although wine bottles and the wine itself are not bad for the environment, the plastic bags that wine is often transported in is bad for the environment. You can usually purchase bulk wine totes for an affordable price. You can customize these custom insulated bags and gift them to all of your family and friends. Gift one every time you bring a bottle of wine to an event. Eventually, all of your friends will have their own custom wine bag.

Reusable grocery bags

Most grocery bags are made out of plastic. Plastic products can be one of the worst items as far as environmental health goes. This is because a plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on the environment. In a landfill, if kept away from the environment that would help them biodegrade more easily, paper bags are not much of a better option. An estimated one million birds, 10,000 turtles, and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic. The animals confuse floating bags and plastic particles for edible sea life such as jellyfish and plankton. Invest in a good amount of reusable plastic bags. Also, consider gifting custom insulated bags to friends and family members.

Because plastics are the most harmful to our environment, this is one of the most important produces to remove. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been collecting plastic bag statistics for more than a decade, only about 2% of plastic bags are recycled in the United States. There are many benefits of reusable bags and they can be customized and designed to be the perfect accessory.

Always research where your product comes from and where it will go

It can be difficult to know which products are environmentally healthy and which are not. Research is important in choosing the best clothing items and accessories. Knowledge truly is power and with knowledge, you can make the right decisions that will help to save the planet. You can also pass on this knowledge to those around you, thus making an even greater impact.

The health of the environment often gets sacrificed for fashion, convenience, and appeal. You can begin to stop this trend and to improve the overall health of the planet with minor changes. Gift those around you with custom insulated bags, always use reusable grocery bags and use wine totes when gifting a bottle of wine.

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