How to Find the Perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Classic diamond jewelry isn’t limited to engagement rings. One of the most iconic pieces of diamond jewelry is the tennis bracelet. These bracelets consist of a string of diamonds connected with the most minimal metal supports possible. They became popular after a famous tennis player though she lost hers during a match. If you’re looking for a diamond tennis bracelet, the video below will help you find the perfect one to suit you.

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Most tennis bracelets use delicate four-prong settings to keep the diamonds secure. Some of them use bezel settings that make the stones look bigger or show off more gold or platinum on the bracelet. The bracelet you choose should match your preference for setting type.

Traditional tennis bracelets use a string of uniform round-cut diamonds, but modern tennis bracelets vary in design. Some of them use a variety of cuts in patterns or positioned randomly. Others incorporate non-traditional cuts like star shapes. If you’re planning on wearing the bracelet casually, consider both the cut and carat of the stones. Smaller, simpler stones are more casual than larger, flashier stones.

If you’re interested in purchasing diamond and gemstone bracelets, a jeweler in your area can help you find the perfect piece for your collection.

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