How to Pick Elegant and Trendy Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are among the accessories that are still trending in 2021. Statistics suggest that an average woman spends 1 hour and 53 minutes per week washing and styling her hair. By the time she turns 65, she will have spent seven months of her life on her hair. You can use scrunchies to put together a new hairstyle or keep your hair out of your face.

The iconic 80s hair accessory has been around for decades and is now trendy. Today you can find machine washable yet comfortable scrunchies that are available in solid or spirit colors. Whether you are looking for durability, style, or comfort, there are many colorful scrunchies pack options you can find.

Hair Scrunchies for Short, Thin Hair

The best scrunchies for short, thin hair are smaller than the standard size. They also have an elastic that is almost as strong as a regular band. It can hold wispy hair away from your face without creating multiple knots.

Styling with Oversize Scrunchies

An oversize piece is suitable for all types of hair. However, it may be a challenge to use a gigantic accessory on short hair. The scrunchie may pull against your scalp, making you uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, you can make a statement with oversize scrunchies. A piece made of cotton is ideal for large accessories since it is not as heavy as leather.

Considering Different Materials

The accessory’s material is critical because it has an impact on its performance as well as its design. The most popular materials for hair scrunchies are leather, cotton, and lycra. Cotton has excellent absorbent properties and is washable. There are colorful scrunchies pack with pieces made of cotton. It is easy to dye, that’s why it is available in a wide range of colors and designs.

On the other hand, leather has limited options when it comes to colors. However, it is suitable for formal wear or when you need a unique accessory to match your outfit.

Knots and Styling Options

If you are looking for fashionable and colorful scrunchies packs, several styling options are still popular. Most standard accessories will have a knot to tie back the hair away from your face. But for trendy styles, a bow scrunchie is one of the best choices.

While pieces with ears may not be suitable for a classy or formal outfit, they can be part of a costume outfit. You can find packages with hair accessories and face masks you could use for a party or a family occasion.

Style and Color Variety

Some colors were not available when the scrunchies trend made waves in the 80s. Now you can find pastels and soft tones to complement a modern outfit.

Another popular colorful scrunchies pack design is flower patterns. Flowery prints are elegant and can communicate an individual style. A leopard print is another trendy choice for formal outfits.

Hair scrunchies are simple accessories for holding back your hair and expressing your individuality. You can use them with casual and formal outfits with many options for styling depending on your preferences. They are also affordable, especially when bought in packs. Scrunchies are currently trending and as popular as headbands and hats. If you are looking for trendy hair scrunchies (singles or 3-packs), colored lanyards, fashionable face masks, key ring bracelets, among other accessories, visit our online shop and enjoy some of the best prices in the market.

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