Let’s Put an End to the Negative Talks About Botox

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Sometimes, if you tell someone that you are receiving Botox injections, they will look at you like you’re crazy.

There are far too many negative stereotypes about Botox and other forms of plastic surgery. Some people just don’t understand.

Popular culture doesn’t really help. Too many people associate Botox with T.V. housewives who are evil people. That is not the case!

HollyWoodLife reports that Botox does not have to posses those negative connotations all the time and even for Madison Smith, a 25-year-old, Botox created a perfectly fine look.

“Everyone has the same patterns of muscles in their face,” Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist from Mount Sinai Hospital, said, “but they pull differently in everyone.

Madison and Dr. Zeichner agreed that the best place for her Botox injections would be above her forehead and under her eyes.

“The injections hurt less than getting my eyebrows threaded,” Madison said. “And it only took about 15 minutes.”

Madison believes that even at 25, the Botox injections were worth it and she is happy with her youthful look.

Here are a few facts about Botox and other skin procedures that might encourage you to go through with them if you are on the fence. No pressure, though, because every decision about your body is completely left up to you.

  • Botox treatments, on average, take about four to four and a half months. Depending on how many procedures you want to actually receive.
  • The entire U.S. spa industry made more than $15 billion two years ago.
  • The average age range of a Botox patient is between 40 years old and 60 years old. They are the ones who typically are searching for more youthful-looking skin but — as Madison showed — even people in their mid-twenties can successfully improve their look with quality Botox treatments.
  • Of all the Botox procedures that are reported, wholly 82% of the patients report seeing an improvement in their skin within one week of the treatment.
  • The average consumer who goes to the spa spends about $87 per visit. More than 160 million visits are made to medical spas as well.

Whether you’re in need of Botox, non-surgical facelifts, in search of laser skin resurfacing center, or any other skin procedure, it’s your decision to make. Enjoy your look — no matter what!

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