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Depending on your party, party planning can take a huge amount of resources and time. There are so many little details that need to be planned out — and it’s often the little touches that make the event memorable in people’s minds. For birthday parties or bridal showers, one nice touch can be gift bags with small memorabilia to remember the event by. However, choosing the right party favor (or party favors!) can be a tough decision. You don’t want to choose something tacky that people will throw out or never use. For adults, custom drink coasters can be a good option — you can customize them with names, a pattern, or pictures, making them a personal, useful gift. For children’s parties (and for some adults), temporary tattoos can be a fun idea. Glitter, metallic, and other colorful temporary tattoos are a fun item to take home and enjoy after the festivities have died down.

Why Are Custom Drink Coasters Such a Good Idea?

Custom drink coasters — or even just drink coasters in
general — can always be put to good use. If you have kids, it can be nice to have some lying around that are kid-friendly to stick under sticky cups or water glasses. Say goodbye to water rings on your nice tables when you have drink coasters on hand! If they’re customized with pictures or names, the coasters also take on added meaning, and hopefully provide happy memories with each use.

Custom drink coasters are also smaller items, which can easily be packed into a gift bag. It’s also simple to customize them online and create a bulk order, so they’re not a terribly expensive option, while still being a thoughtful gesture.

What Should I Know About Temporary Tattoos?
The FDA considers temporary tattoos decals that can be used as body decorations and that only last between one and seven days. They’re a great alternative to committing to a full on permanent tattoo and designs are bountiful and easy to find. There are all types of glitter temporary tattoos or metallic temporary tattoos that can add a little glitz and glamour to a party bag.

Successfully applying a temporary tattoo is also easy. Remove the plastic backing and apply it face down onto clean skin. Hold it in place for 30-60 seconds — some temporary tattoos may ask you to dampen the paper backing — and then peel the paper away. For children, 1.5 x 1.5? tattoos are ideal, as that size is perfect for child-sized hands and cheeks.

You can get all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs and throw a few in each goodie bag for a fun party favor. Similar to drink coasters, they’re a relatively inexpensive party favor that can appeal to a variety of ages. Henna tattoos and metallic tattoos are currently especially popular and trendy, but kids will love pretty much any type of temporary tattoo!

What Other Types of Party Favors Might Work?

For adults, small candles, keychains, personalized bottle openers, candy bags, or matchboxes are all cute ideas to commemorate an event. Ideally, you want more of a “token” than an actual gift — but there are plenty of cute, custom ideas online to choose from. A trip to the party store can also often be a good inspiration.

When it comes to party favors for kids, anything goes! If you’re having a themed birthday party, that can often make it easier. Small action figures, balloons, glittery pens and pencils, and stickers are all often popular. Make sure that there are no choking hazards if your party guests are younger — and that everything is appropriate for the age.

Generally purchasing a bulk order is in your best interests, as the price can decrease per each item bought. And, if the items are really cute, you’ll most likely have some left over to enjoy yourself!

Consider custom drink coasters or temporary tattoos to fill your
next party favor bag. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and enjoy the items long after the party is over.

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