3 Most Effective Fundraising Ideas for Military and Veterans

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Military donations are of various types and people have different ways of showing support to the service men and women, as well as their families. Whether it’s through material, emotional or financial support. Currently, there are many organizations that help military families. From religious and non-governmental groups to private and public institutions, all are having a significant input in this worthy cause

People have always been showing support for military families. In fact, it is estimated that 95.4 percent of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. As a business or individual, there are clever ways which you can contribute to military donation programs. And one of them is fundraising. Here are three effective fundraising program ideas that you may consider.

Selling Merchandise
Well, this is as straightforward as it gets. Products you can sell include caps, sweaters, jewelry, t-shirts, hand towels, key holders, car stickers and more. The simple things that people use on a daily basis make the perfect market opportunity.

Another important merchandise that you can also sell is safety kits. Safety is paramount for everyone, and so many people will find such a product useful to them. It’s also good to inform them of the cause of the program, at least they’ll be inspired to make more purchase.

Let people party!
Who doesn’t love to party? Certainly, this is a fun fundraising idea that fuses both a military donations program and a concert. The idea is to bring your friends, families and the entire community on board to support your cause. A great way to show military support. Hosting a military theme party offers you with a range of options to crowdfund.

You can set up stands and exhibitions points, and display some of the merchandise you are selling. Also, through ticket selling, some portion of the entry fee, if not all, can go towards the military donations kitty. However, carefully planning needs to be done to ensure the event is a success.

Holding an athletic event
This is another brilliant idea you or your organization can do to help the military families. Marathons, walkathons, football matches among other physical activities are excellent fundraising ideas for active supporters. In such an event, you get the fund by items such as t-shirts, water mugs, and sports shoes. For the clothing, they shoe be branded with the theme of the cause. Apart from selling merchandise, you also fundraise through entry fee each athlete registers with and most corporates use this fundraising method.

Whether you are crowdfunding to pay off military families debts, building them a house or setting up a school fees fund for their children, be sure to have a clear approach to it. It’s also important to team up with other charity programs, who are more familiar with this kind of causes.

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