What Veterans’ Charities Take Clothing Donations?

Each year the average adult throws away 82 pounds of textile waste. Instead of examining why the average adult has over 80 pounds worth of textiles to dispose of annually, let’s examine what they can do with it. Too often people throw their old towels, blankets, and clothes away in the trash. This accumulates into over 10 million pounds being dumped into landfills all over the country. Here’s what we can instead.

Make a Donation of Gently Used Items to Veterans Charities.

It’s a wonderful thing when our actions have a dual benefit. In the case of donating gently used items to veterans charities, there is a twofold effect is upon military families and the environment. Any charitable giving a person is able to make is a good deed. However, it is not uncommon for a person or family to have a desire to give, but lacks the funds to do so. It’s important to remember that each of us only needs to do what we can with what we have.

The Dismal Numbers On Textile Recycling.

Textiles have some of the worst recycling rates of any reusable material. The average American only recycles 15% of their old clothes. This statistic is easy to change, and it starts with being informed. With a little knowledge, planning, and dedication there is no reason for over 10 million pounds of textiles to end up in our landfills. The trick is to make donating used clothing and recycling old textiles easy.

Find Organizations That Pick Up Clothing Donations.

This isn’t essential, but it is certainly helpful. These days everyone laments how busy they are, which makes lugging a few boxes of used clothing to one of the nearest veterans charities even more daunting. That’s why it is a great idea to find a charity that offers pick up services for donations. Look online for an organization in your area, and be sure to note any special instructions they might give. You can even select a day and time frame that works with your schedule if you prefer.

Donating to Veterans Charities Can Make a Difference.

Over 95% of people participate in some form of charitable giving, whether in the form of monetary donations, goods, or free services. Veterans in particular can benefit from charitable giving because of some of the statistics associated with them as a group. For example, it has been found that the unemployment rate for veterans is nearly 2% higher than that of the general population.

Giving back can take many forms. One way actually offers multiple benefits to people and the environment. The next time you clean out your closet, or your kids outgrow their clothes, take the time to set those textiles aside. Look online to find a veterans charity in your area that offers pick up services. You’ll have contributed to recycling resources, helping a person in need, and will have a little more space in your house all in one day.

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