Quick Tips to Wisely Buy Your Used Piano

A brand-new piano tends to be far too expensive for most people, which is why it can be wise to buy used. When searching for used pianos, it’s good to have sharp business sense and prudence. A used piano can have lots of hidden problems and faults to look for.

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Follow these tips to have a great experience buying used.

First and foremost, don’t be tempted by the free pianos you see listed on local market pages. The owners aren’t merely trying to clear space — the piano is free for a better reason. These pianos often have broken or missing keys and strings. Replacing these parts will require time and money you may not have bargained for.

When buying used, you’ll either need to do research on what to look for in a quality piano or bring along an expert to inspect the instrument. It’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. If there are faults with the instrument, you can then decide if you want to deal with them or not.

Once you finally get the instrument home, you’ll probably want to tune it, as a used instrument is unlikely to be properly tuned. You can try to do so yourself, but know this process takes time and know-how. You may be better off hiring a piano expert to tune the instrument for you once it’s home.


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