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According to comScore, Inc, U.S. online retail expenditures totaled 122.7 billion dollars online in 2007. At the end of 2012, online retail spending had risen to over 186 billion dollars. Despite the “Great Recession” and the subsequent retail stagnation that occurred between the end 2007 and the last quarter of 2009, economists expect online retail spending to surpass 225 billion dollars by the end of 2016.

Clearly, the future of retail resides on the internet, which is the reason that Nordstrom Fashion Valley, Kohls Dept stores, and QVC outlet stores have gone online. As for the growing popularity of online shopping, the reasons more and more Americans are, literally, buying into the online shopping phenomena has as much to do with the great deals as it does convenience.

Obviously, it is a heck of a lot easier to shop from your couch than it is to get in your car, drive to the mall, find a parking spot, enter the mall, and choose a store. In that amount of time, the typical online shopper could have found the best price in the country and placed his or her order. After convenience, of course, the number two reason that people choose to shop online is for the deals.

Given the growing popularity of online shopping, every brick and mortar retailer now runs an online store; and some of the biggest retailers in the country, such as, are online only stores. Actually, Amazon has become so big, that shopping sites like the MSN Shopping Network, Nordstrom Fashion Valley, and the NBC Shopping Network offer online shoppers coupon deals in order to earn their business.

When it comes to online shopping, deals like Nordstrom rack coupons can help shoppers save 10 to 20 percent off the prices offered by brick and mortar retailers. Of course, it is always wisest to shop around, but chances are that you will find the best prices, more quickly, by shopping online.

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