Three Shopping Channels and Sites, for When You Want to Shop in Your Pajamas

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Before the internet became a popular place to shop, if you wanted to buy a new watch, or a great set of cooking pans without leaving the comfort of your home, you could either flip through a catalog or turn on the television. Now that the internet offers the great ease of being able to shop in your pajamas, you would think that TV shopping networks would have gone by the wayside, but it is not true!

The smart shopper can find whatever they want from online shopping stores, or from shopping channels, both are simple to use. If you think that you might like to skip the crowds this holiday season, then here are three shopping stations and sites that you can check out.

  • NBC shopping network
  • It is called ShopHQ, and you can buy almost anything imaginable. You can find it on the television as well as online. Jewelry, watches, accessories, beauty products, electronics, clearance items and more, you can see exactly which items have just aired on television on the NBC shopping network website. You can even connect with ShopHQ on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have decided that you want to leave the house after all, then just use their mobile site on your smartphone or tablet!

  • QVC home shopping
  • QVC is one of the classic TV shopping networks, which has been around for as long as I can remember. Food, home goods, decor, clothing, jewelry, electronics, if you could go to the mall to pick it up then you can probably find it on QVC. Customer ratings and reviews make it easy for you to see if the products they are offering online are a good fit. If you are shopping via the television, then you can always use your mobile device to learn more about the products you are considering.

  • MSN shopping network
  • The MSN shopping network is the most difficult to find of the online shopping sites. To get to it, you will need to find the “shopping” tab of the MSN living homepage. You will find more than just a place to buy clothing and accessories, you will find articles about what the hottest shoes are this season, and what the latest handbag trends are.

    There are other shopping channels that you can access, including Overstock, when you want to shop home goods. Whether you prefer TV shopping networks, or online outlet stores, you have plenty of options. Shopping from the comfort of your home has never been any easier.

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