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Replacing sunglass lenses

What made you buy your favorite pair of sunglasses? Chances are, your answer has something to do with the way they look. Whether it’s frame shape, color, or design, the main factor in sunglass selection is generally superficial. Really, however, sunglasses are meant to serve a much greater purpose. They’re designed to protect the eyes, and there are plenty of ways they can do that. They should block between 98 and 99% of UV rays, a feat sometimes paired with additional safety precautions. For example, in World War II, Ray Ban’s anti-glare aviators were designed for the air force, and polarized lenses shortly followed for the same reasons. We spend $34 billion a year on sunglasses, yet we often forgo function for form.

Perhaps that’s why the market for inexpensive but fashionable sunglasses is thriving. The best sunglasses, those that combine great style with excellent protection, tend to cost more. Another possible explanation is that sunglasses are so fragile. Every 14 minutes, someone in the U.S. loses, breaks, or sits on their shades, and that’s a risk we aren’t sure we want to take with more expensive shades. There’s good news, though. A broken pair of shades can be resurrected.

Can You Replace Sunglass Lenses?

You sure can! You have three basic options if you’re going to replace lenses in sunglasses.

  1. Buy expensive sunglass replacement lenses from the manufacturer and install them yourself.
  2. Buy less expensive aftermarket lenses and have a professional install them./li>
  3. Buy less expensive aftermarket lenses and install them yourself.

  4. Can you replace sunglass lenses
    , then? Absolutely. And you can even save money by purchasing cheaper lenses and installing them yourself. Here’s how!

    How Do You Measure for Sunglasses Lenses?

    The inside of one of the arms of your sunglasses is printed numbers that will tell you not only the model number of your sunglasses, which you’ll need, but the size of your lenses. To confirm that the number was printed correctly, measure straight across your lens at its widest point.

    How Do I Make the Switch?

    This depends on what kind of frames you have.

    Metal Frames: Loosen the screws on the undersides of the arms. These hold your frames tight around the lenses. Once they’re loosened, it should be easy for you to push up on the lens while pulling out on the frames. Snap in the new lens, checking to make sure that it’s well aligned, and then re-tighten the screws.

    Plastic Frames: Soak the sunglasses in hot soapy water for 30 seconds. Dry them thoroughly before pulling on the frame and pushing up on the lens. It should pop out, but if it seems too difficult, try re-soaking the glasses. In a worst case scenario, you can break the old lens in order to remove it. Pop in the new lens, aligning it in one area and working around the lens until it’s in place.

    So Let’s Review…

    What’s important in sunglasses? Protection and style. Can you replace sunglass lenses? Yes, absolutely. Is it difficult? Not particularly. So, next time you’re staring down at a pair of broken sunglasses, take a second to consider your options. You may have more than you realize. For more information, read this website: Sunglass replacement lenses

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