The Benefit of Sponsoring a Family This Holiday Season

Helping families in need

Do you have the desire to help out those in need during this holiday season? Many people would like to do more and give back, but do not know how to. Sponsoring a family during the holiday season can be a wonderful way to increase your giving, while also getting to know another family. Most charitable organizations look for family sponsors during the holiday season. You simply shop for them as if you were shopping for your own family. There are many ways that you can help out a sponsored family this holiday season.

Sponsor a family with friends Co sponsoring a family is a great way to ensure that the family receives everything they need this holiday season. Splitting the costs and gifts for another family with your friends can take some of the burden off of you and allow you to give another family a wonderful holiday season. You should discuss who is buying what, and when the items will be delivered, so that the entire process goes smoothly. Consider bringing multiple friends in for larger families or those who require more.

Organize a work sponsored event This can be a great way to help out families with multiple kids or those who have little. When you choose to sponsor a family or group of people through your work, you will ask for donations from coworkers. Providing coworkers with a list of needed items can be especially helpful. You may also want to provide them with specific needs, ensuring that people are not purchasing the same items. Clothes donations are always needed for ever growing children. There are also many organizations that pick up donations, making the work sponsored family convenient and simple.

Engage your children in the sponsorship Sponsoring a family during the holidays is a great way to teach valuable lessons to your children. Children often get caught up in the gift receiving part of the holidays. Teach them that they are about much more by allowing them to shop for the sponsored family, as well. Encourage them to go through their unwanted toys and clothing items to donate to the sponsored families children. In 1930, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that figure is 30 outfits, one for every day of the month. The average American also tosses 82 pounds of textile waste each year. Teach your children the value of clothing donations by arranging for organizations that pick up donations.

Market for additional family sponsors There are always families that could benefit from holiday sponsorship. Although sponsoring a family on your own is beneficial, consider sharing the opportunity with others. Market the ability to sponsor a family with your work, your children?s school, and to your neighbors. You will find that more people are willing to minimally provide charitable donations, with many of them also choosing to sponsor a family. Work with these people to provide donations for non profit organizations, also helping with other family sponsorships.

Make the sponsorship a tradition When you get into the habit of sponsoring a family or donating extra items during the holiday season, it will simply become a tradition for you and your family. You will find that you are putting aside items all year long for organizations that pick up donations. You will also find that your children are offering up items to give away all year to organizations that pick up donations. Friends and neighbors will also contribute to your pile of donations throughout the year.

Research shows that 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in the United States each year. Many of these thrown out items could not only contribute to a less fortunate families? needs, but could also improve their holiday season. Sponsoring a family during the holidays allows families who are worried about providing for their children with a wonderful holiday season. There are many ways that you can effectively sponsor a family, while also getting into the holiday spirit.

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