The Gift of a Wooden Watch this Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Natural wood watches

Five years of marriage is often celebrated with wood. That is because wood is listed as the modern celebration of five years of marriage. Many couples stick to these anniversary buying guides, because it gives you a basis of what to purchase every year. It also can make the gift buying process more entertaining, as you attempt to find a unique gift for your spouse in that specified category. This wood anniversary consider both wood and your spouse?s need for time management with an all wood watch.

Unique watch idea
A watch is a unique gift because it is something that your spouse is likely to wear all year long, on a daily basis. Many gifts are appreciated for a couple of minutes, to then be stored in a drawer somewhere, sometimes for many years. The all wood watch, however, provides a benefit and will get a lot of use. It is also unique because most watches are made out of metal, aluminum, or plastic. Natural wood watches are made out of different types of wood.

Great for the environment
Another benefit to all wood watches is that they are extremely sustainable, and great for the environment. This is an important buying feature among the millennial generation. Millennials continue to be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings, almost three out of four respondents in the latest findings, up from approximately half in 2014.

In fact, most people agree that they would purchase items that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable, if they had access to them. About one in three (33%) of those who do not regularly consider sustainability in their apparel purchases said they did not buy sustainable because it was not available where they shop and one in four (28%) said they did not even know where to purchase eco friendly and sustainable clothing. The all wood watch is both eco friendly and sustainable.

Interesting history
When you purchase a gift, wedding or otherwise, with an interesting history, it makes the gift that much better. Wooden wrist watches have an interesting and unique background history. The very first wristwatch was first invented by a man named Patek Phillipe, back in 1868. His Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch sold at Christies for a whopping 3.1 million dollars in May of 2008. The idea of a wristwatch in previous times was extraordinary. People had the ability to tell time, wherever they were. With even clocks being relatively new at the time, wrist watches were unheard of.

Common, despite technological advances
Many older sources of technology have become non existent with improvements. However, the wrist watch remains relevant. It simply includes these new forms of technology to create a better and more technologically advanced wrist watch. Even some wooden watches on sale contain sources of technology, allowing you to use mobile devices via your wrist watch. Other all wood watches bring wearers back to a more simple and traditional time, with the simply and clean creation of the wood watch. The best watch for your spouse will depend on their preferences and needs for technology virtually.

Wood watches for women too
Watches are not just for men. Women benefit from watches and many retailers have marketed specifically towards women with sleeker and smaller designs. Womens wood watches make the perfect gift for your female spouse this fifth wedding anniversary. Consider making the gift even more romantic and personalized with an engraving or a personal message on the inside of the wooden watch.

Watches have been an important part of our society for many years. They provide people with time management abilities by simply looking at their wrist. Watches are made in all types and materials to fit all preferences of consumers. The wooden watch is a unique type of watch that makes a perfect fifth anniversary gift idea. It is sustainable, making it good for the environment. It also is unique in its clean and sleek design. Wooden watches can also be easily engraved for a more personalized wedding message.

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